Ken McKinnon – great Australian - & Croc Prize benefactor
Julie Soso, women’s advocate, elected to parliament

Caretaker cabinet points to who the big guns will be


IF YOU WANT TO KNOW who the key players are likely to be in the new government of Papua New Guinea, the identities of the men (yep, they’re all men) in the caretaker cabinet gives you all the clues you need.

The full ministry is due to be announced on Wednesday, but here are the real movers and shakers:

Peter O’Neill – Prime Minister, National Planning, Police

Don Polye – Treasury, Finance, Correctional Services, Labour and Industrial Relations, Immigration, Transport

Patrick Pruaitch – Housing, Inter-Government Relations, Forests

William Duma – Petroleum and Energy, Defence, Tourism, Arts and Culture, Autonomy and Autonomous Regions (including Bougainville Affairs)

Sir Puka Temu – Public Service, Agriculture and Livestock, Foreign Affairs and Trade

James Marape – Works, Implementation, Lands Physical Planning, Education, Research and Science and Technology

Charles Abel – Commerce and Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises, Justice, Attorney-General, Communication, Information and Technology

Mao Zeming – Fisheries, Marine Resource, Health, HIV AIDS, Family Affairs, Youth Religion and Gender

Ben Micah – Public Enterprise, Sports, Pacific Games, Mining

John Pundari – Environment, Conservation, Climate Change, Civil Aviation


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Harry Topham

What a sham. It seems that, although there will be new actors playing the roles, the plot remains unchanged.

Amidst much fanfare exhibited by candidates espousing the need for change, honesty and accountability, once the game is over those players all line up to be selected join the winning team for the riches on offer.

The so-called altruism previously expressed by certain of the candidates during the electoral campaign has rapidly disappeared indicating that, after all, hypocrisy prevails.

The only bright light on the horizon is that certain of the newly elected men and women of the forthcoming parliament hold strong convictions as well as having strong leadership capabilities.

If this group of parliamentarians can unite they may well form a good opposition that may bring about the required accountabilities required by any newly elected ministers of state.

Dr N G Patil

I hope a female MP is appointed as Deputy Prime Minister.

Bailey Joshua

The kitchen cabinet still exists and O'Neill is part and parcel of that kitchen.

Belden Namah is still a true leader of this country.

John Wali

Unbelievable that Pruaitch got the caretaker ministry for Forestry. As much as possible this ministry ought to be kept out of his grasp! O'Neill can't be having such horrendous short memories can he?

Joe Wasia

Be careful when choosing some of these leaders for the ministerial portfolios.

Dr N G Patil

As they say "in politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies". PNG no exception to this dictum!

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