MPs of the new parliament: the Eastern Highlands
Affirmative action for our women MPs – I say stuff it!

A long week's journey through nothing very much


I CAN SENSE IT'S going to be a struggle writing this. I've  already made 18 errors and I've just clambered to the end of the first paragraph. Hurray!

I've been in hospital - a very good hospital, St Vincent's in Sydney, for major surgery on my back. There were some complications and I'm only just learning to walk again.

This is the first time since the blog started seven years ago that we've been off the air for more than a couple of days, no matter where in the world I happened to be. But the world of illness is another place.

I think of my good friend Francis Nii up there in Kundiawa, who will need a miracle to ever walk again. All I required was an excellent surgeon.I won't name him. He's a gruff man and wouldn't appreciate the compliment.

So, after a week, I am now on the mend and, shaky though I may be on the keyboard, this will come good too.

Let me apologise to you two thousand or so readers, who might have missed your daily dose of analysis, controversy and issues. Let me assure you it's on the way back.

And let me especially apologise for the couple of photo mix-ups in the "new MP" series I wrote just before entering hospital - they will corrected soon.

And now allow me to go. These few words have quite exhausted a brain that's not quite itself - and it's time to practice that creeping gait that passes for attempts at walking right now.

See you tomorrow.


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Lucy Timmer

Hi Keith, looking good! and all the best of the best with your recovery.

Harry Topham

Phil. I am sure your previous life experiences as Kiap would well equip you to take charge temporarily but if in doubt the only advice I could offer would be "Wing It"

Nick Piakal

I just found out today that you have been in the hospital bed.

I will pray for you to get well soon (even if you do not believe in God :)

Kind regards and best wishes.

Thanks Nick. Discharge tomorrow, so a pretty tortuous journey will be over - KJ

Andrea Williams

They say you can't keep a good man down and here's proof! Take it easy Keith and get better quickly!

Thanks Andrea, I feel like a new back with an old man - KJ

Phil Fitzpatrick

Thank goodness you're back. This Crocodile thing is getting out of hand. I can't get any sense out of the people in Port Moresby and the printer is off overseas in some ashram in India.

People who I've never heard of are sending me emails wanting to come to the awards and the bank up there doesn't seem to know whether we've got any money in the account (or even if we've got an account).

PS, You'd better shave off that fuzz and I think your shirt needs ironing.

I was rather taken by that hirsute pic of you in your younger years, Phil. And never really saw the point of ironing a pyjama top - KJ

John Wali

Good to see you back Keith.

Have a steady and speedy recovery

Raroteone Tefuarani

Hey Keith, Just to let you know my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Cheers

Michael Lorenz

Like the new pic, you look so much younger. :-)

By the way, what's that you're wearing? :-)

You hawk-eyed bastard, But I cannot lie. PJs. I mean, designer pyjamas. And, yeah, that's the result of not eating for five days - and leaving the wine in the cellar - KJ

Max Uechtritz

Go well Keith!

Martin Hadlow

Glad to hear that the worst is over, Keith. All the best for a rapid recovery.

Robin Mead

All the very best, Keith. Stap isi and have a good rest, and look after number one. The vessel is proceeding on course.

Rest up for a while - and when you feel right (don't rush it) - You are needed on deck! (advisory capacity, of course). Go well.

Advice to be taken seriously from a bloke with so much experience in the health services area. Gee, I hate taking advice! Thanks, old mate - KJ

Joe Wasia

There are billions of people in the world but only few have the heart for others. And you are one of the few.

Even in such age you are so committed. God bless you.

We pray that you will have fast recovery.

Mrs Barbara Short

In good rehab hospitals you can buy an "egg-shell mattress" (foam shaped like an egg holder sheet!). I can recommend them, they are wonderful!

Nikos Violaris

Just wishing you a speedy recovery from your back procedure.

A neurosurgeon relative tells me brain surgery is a walk in the park compared to spinal surgery.

My very best.

Mrs Barbara Short

Glad the op went well. Now comes the challenging time. Doing all those exercises that I'm sure someone will give you to do. I might meet you "walking around the block".

Many thanks for all the new MPs that kept popping up each day as we thought of you. What a mob of them.

Hope you will soon be feeling a new man! God bless.

Thanks Barbara, I know you've had more than your fair share of hausik experiences. I'll feel like a new man when I'm back home and in my own decent bed. Where do they buy those hospital beds? - KJ

Don Hook

Best wishes Keith for a speedy recovery.

Emma Wakpi

Wishing you a speedy recovery :-)

Corney K. Alone

Hi Keith, It's good to hear how you're progressing. Thanks.

I was delighted to see Ben (your son) the other time on PNG Attitude - hope he can find some time to keep our appetites on check.

Wish you full recovery - and soon.

Joe Wasia

It really broke my heart as i run down the lines on how you were admitted and recovering. We missed you so much.

We are glad now that you are back. Thank God for that. You are a great man.

You are too, Joe. I particularly appreciated you continuing your coments even when I was down and out, bless you - KJ

David Kitchnoge

Glad to hear the operation went well and that you are on your way back. Wish you a speedy recovery! Cheers.

Onyer David - you and the Writers' Society committee get stuck into the Croc Prize now - KJ

Tim Ashton

Rule of thumb: Count on one week for each hour you were anaesthetised till your brain function is back to where you want. :)


Thanks for that tip,Tim. So looks like 3 more weeks to where it was. Now, let's het to where I want it,,,, - KJ

Ganjiki D Wayne

Glad you okay Keith. Steady recovery!


Appreciate, Ganjiki. Look forward to more of those provocative essays - KJ

Michael Dom

Very glad to have you back online, Keith. We are with you in spirit.

Get your needed rest and exercise. You'll bounce back, I know it. Cheers!

Thanks Michael, poet who stirs the soul, gladdens the heart and challenges the conscience - KJ

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