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01 June 2012


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Thank you Ludmilla, David and Barbara...

I love justice. And I hope justice is served. I hope we see a proper restoration of the properly instituted authorities and the Constitution.

I will be very sad if everything is swept under the carpet.

Heavenise day.

Well said, Ludmilla. Yes, this is an excellent exposition on why the rule of law is important.

But I still blame things on "PNG Time"! Something happened in August which was probably "unlawful".

But before that Somare had gone off to hospital in Singapore and there were probably no laws to cover the situation in which PNG was placed. His family said he was retiring. He was said to be "dying". He probably nearly died a few times.

The lawyers should have stepped in during those times and explained "the rules" for that situation. But PNG time came in to play and nothing appropriate was said by those who could study the rules and work out what needed to be done.

The parliament was obviously not working without "the boss". Something had to be done.

The members of parliament saw that they could regroup and form a strong capable government. Reg Renagi wrote some good things about it. Sadly they didn't do it in the "legal" way.

The parliament seemed to be working better and people were pleased with what O'Neill was saying.

PNG time set in and nothing was explained clearly straight away about what was not done properly by the law.

Time passed, then the law makers were finally saying things.

The parliamentarians, who are not trained in law, then had fun trying to make it legal by moving various acts of parliament. etc.

During this time Somare "rose from the dead" and came back wanting to resume his old seat and position in parliament. Many were sick of the corruption that he had allowed to go on during his rule and they thought they were finished with him and didn't want him back in any shape or form.

Finally the lawyers started speaking. They started saying that the parliamentarians had broken the "laws" in what they had done in August and Somare was still the Prime Minister.

Shock, horror!

But Peter O'Neill stood his ground.

Somehow or another, despite all the chaotic things that have gone on e.g. the army man who tried to have a "coup", the PNG politicians have tried to work things out in a peaceful PNG way.

Now we have an election coming up and hopefully there will be a new lot of parliamentarians.

Hopefully the lawyers will speak up quickly if they see the parliamentarians doing something which breaks the laws of the land. i.e. the constitution. But they must do it quickly - not in PNG time!

Thanks Ganjiki for this excellent voice of reason.

Well reasoned and explained. Anyone who cares for PNG must support this call by Ganjiki. We cannot afford to be indifferent about this issue.

Righting the wrongs and reasserting the authority of our Constitution must be the next government's number one business.

Thanks GG for your concise and as usual, thoughtful article on why we need the rule of law in our nation. We all need to be reminded of our own personal integrity in this issue - from obeying the road rules to the bigger picture of abiding by the rule of law at all levels. Keep writing so that we will continue to be challenged.

Thank you for this excellent exposition on why the rule of law is all we’ve got if we as a nation of multiple latent and not so latent fault lines are to hold together.

Reading this I am reminded of what happens in William Golding’s novel “The Lord of the Flies”.

If there is any voice of reason speaking on the importance of the rule of law in a civilized society in the O’Neill-Namah camp, we are not hearing it.

We certainly have amongst the group an egomaniacal character who would rather resort to power, violence and pretty soon if not contained, descend into savagery, just like the character Jack in the novel.

The whole of “camp Jack” doesn’t deserve the privilege national leadership again.

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