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30 June 2012


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Papua New Guinea has been maintaining a strong bilateral relationship with Australia and it would not be friendly if we rejected the proposal of setting up the centre in Manus.

In other words, rejection of the proposal would pose a risk in our relationship with the nation which we benefit largely from.

The oppostion had been questioning the legality of the asylum seeker centre in Manus. Opposition leader Belden Namah has been hot on the topic.

We have to consider the fact that PNG has once had the foreign policy of 'friends to all, enemy to none'. As a matter of fact, not everybody can be a friend, in this world, you will still have enemies.

However, considering the situation of the asylum seekers, they are hopeless and in desperate need they would rather much appreciate what we do, even though some may not like it.

Papua New Guinea claims itself to be a Christian country so how effective would the Christian status be if we reject fellow human beings who were persecuted?

It would also be beneficial for the country economically.

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