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23 June 2012


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Oroni Naiori

Enjoyed reading this piece. Late Seni Oroni, i miss you dad.

Nathas Wangs Juwaka

Very touching. In wherever/whatever areas of profession we are engaged in, we get to serve with our heart. God sees and will reward accordingly according to His own timing.

Beatrice Yokondo

Awesome story. I enjoyed reading it.

I like the extract from the diary. It has made to think more about what I can do and offer. I should work for the sake of being paid but also to help and develop our country.

Small and humble beginings will lead to greater things later in life.

Roberta Eraio (nee Ali)

That was a great read. It is an honor to know people like yourself of inspiration. You do make PNGean's proud. You should feel proud of yourself too.

Poyap J Rooney

Jay Amgen - No not the end, more to come later.

One of the things I remember our lecturers used to say was how shy, almost painfully timid, PNG Med Students were. They were right mostly...

I also remember having a conversation with a fellow PNG doctor who managed with much persistence to gain a fellowship with the Australian College of Physicians.

He also stated that difficulties in expressing himself (in English) had been a big hurdle for him to overcome.

Alex Harris

Very engaging Poyap. You have a book in you.

Francis Hualupmomi

Very interesting. I would like to hear more from other westerners who have lived and studied in PNG universities. I think you should also publish this work with PNG Magazines.

Jay Amgen

Hey..... Is that the end of the story???

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