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25 June 2012


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Hi Keith, how are you feeling now? If you feel better, would you kindly send me the names of the PNG Attitude readers who contributed towards my travel. This is apart from you and Jimmy.

I'd like to formally acknowledged them in my presentation.

If you don't feel well, pls don't bother. My heart and thoughts are with you. Get completely well. God bless.

The readers who contributed to making sure Francis travels to Moresby for the Crocodle Prize, and who he will acknowledge publicly, are: Michelle Moss;
Trevor Freestone; Robin Lillicrapp; Ed Brumby; Geoffrey Jones; Peter Kranz; Lindsay Bond; 3 Anonymous

Keith - Was trying to do TT my family's pledge and was asked for the physical address for the Bendigo Bank Branch.

Is it alright if we contribute the Prize sponsor pledge to the Papua New Guinea Society of Writers, Editors & and indicate it accordingly?

For Francis' book I am pledging K300.

That's very generous, Corney, and by all means make the transfer to the Society's bank account - KJ

Hi everyone and thanks to Keith Jackson for bringing out Francis Nii, which gave me a great sense of direction and venture in poems, stories etc when I first read about him (Paradise In Peril) in 2007.

We used this very poem in a class activity for our Literature Class and just retrieved my hard drive to find these questions about the poem


Exercise on Poem: Peaceful Village by Francis Nii

1. Explain the kind of feeling this poem evokes.

2. Pick out two figurative language from stanza 2 expressed in the poem. Name the type of figurative language used (simile, metaphor, personification, etc.). Explain what they mean.

3. Who is speaking in the poem? Justify why you say so.

4. Where do you think the person is speaking from? Also justify your answer?

5. Do you think this poet is romanticizing his village? Support your answer.

6. Could this village have changed since then? Explain.

Keith, I am able to transfer AUD20 today.

Thanks Michelle - KJ

Let me be the first to pledge to Francis's Croc Prize Trip - K200.

Jim always stands up to be counted when there's some work to be done. Always - KJ

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