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21 June 2012


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Well, I wonder whether our fugitive was also on that Falcon jet with some PNG politician "buddies"? No wonder the Indonesian military took such an interest in the flight path!

Surely Interpol can intervene and take this fellow back to Jakarta to serve his sentence.

I suppose if you have "interests" in PNG that it is no wonder that the Somares, O'Neills and Namahs get so interested and excited, especially with at least $57 million to splash around. And that might just be the tip of the iceberg in monetary terms. Oh, for those lovely Swiss and other hidden bank accounts!

Oh what a tangled web has been woven. But what do Bob Carr, Julie Bishop, Richard Marles, Hillary Clinton and others from foreign affairs and diplomatic missions in Port Moresby have to say - The blind eye approach?

Let’s just hope that sense and prudence emerges from the upcoming elections with new aspiring politicians more concerned about the welfare of the people of PNG.

Maybe Phillipa Carr has already answered for all. Just put the money into a cannon and shoot skyways, then some deserving people might get some of this "loose loot" that appears to be coming from here, there and everywhere.

Brings to the mind two things, our pollies really know how to legitimise corruption, while the ordinary people really know how to ignore such.

Now we know why the Indonesians were so interested in the old Falcon jet when it flew over Indonesian air space.
It might also explain how Namah got so rich.
PNG might need to learn a few more lessons in diplomacy.
Congratulations to the Post Courier's editor.

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