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28 June 2012


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Paul Pako

Yes, it's by the amended law that every electorate must access K10,000 a year under DSIP.

MPs like Ruing said goodbye last election because they never never did anything with his K10,000 annual grants.

Kaiam Kaula

Joe, this is the truth of Papua New Guinean MPs. It's a disgrace.

People are suffering while so-called elected MPs are becoming millionaires.

Mrs Barbara Short

Joe, I think there must be a way to stop this corruption.

It is true, that if you elect honest and transparent leaders then PNG will be rescued. But in any electorate I'm sure there would be voters voting for people who they really did not know very well and could not be certain if they were honest or not.

As the party system is not well developed these candidates have not been double checked for their honesty by the party.

Let's be honest. Many of the people getting elected to parliament are not well educated and won't really know how things should be done so can easily be manipulated. They have probably not had experience in handling large sums of money in their own lives and so are hopeless when it comes to handling the country's monies.

Meanwhile, in the Public Service, there should be people who are well educated and trained in the handling of large sums of money, called accountants!

The money should be going to the various departments where these well trained public servants should be able to spend it wisely e.g. repair the hospitals, schools and roads etc, staff the hospitals and schools etc, buy supplies for the hospitals and schools etc.

The DSIP grants should be stopped at once and the money should be given to the various government departments.

The member of parliament has the job to see that the relevant government department fixes up his local hospitals, schools etc.

An ICAC needs to be set up at once so that any public servant found to be misusing the government monies can be investigated.

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