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24 June 2012


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Blanchard Omeri

Very interesting and enjoyable story to read.

The power of letters once formed into words and sentences will even make the world's strongest army generals sit and cry their hearts out.

Keep it up.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Ge - Can you contact either me or Keith? I'm at Otherwise call Amanda Donigi in Moresby.

Laurie Meintjes

You are a little tentative in one or two of your post-story comments ("I hope…"; "I tried…."), and this is a good thing because it is evidence of the passion that you bring to your writing.

It might seem that being tentative and passionate at the same time is a contradiction of terms, but for the writer this is not so.

Each is an important facet of the writer’s personality; indeed, they complement each other.

Being tentative about something is simply to say: “Hey, I can improve on this.” And being passionate is the perfect quality by which to effect that improvement.

So keep being tentative about your writing, and remain passionate, and you will reap the writer’s reward. This may not be fame and fortune (however, there is no reason why these should evade you, so aim high!), but it will bring you enormous personal satisfaction.

And, if 'Father of the Man' is anything to go by, your writing will bring much pleasure to your readers. I count myself among them, and I thank you.

PS. You might be interested to take a look at Bloomsbury Publishing’s free online sampler of short stories at

Emma Wakpi

Really was moving, keep writting.

Harry Topham

Very poignant alliteration that reaches inside and touches one's very soul.

John Fowke

Don't stop writing as long as it gives you satisfaction. You are likely to win praise and that plus your own satisfaction with the work will be your reward.

If you are very, very lucky your work may reach the shelves of bookshops but even then it is unlikely to make you rich.

Nowaris, em laip na rot bilong ol raita; na yu, yu wanpla raita tru.

Alex Harris

Not for you Bob, but for me. Beautifully written.

Bob Cleland

One of the most beautiful stories I've read in a long time, heart-rending but not tear-jerking.

Robin Lillicrapp

Well done. A most moving piece that graces the memories of those departed and those remaining.

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