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21 June 2012


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Paul Oates

David - Amen to that last thought bro.

David Kitchnoge

Thanks for your concerns Barbara.

I think instead of dismissing Donigi's proposal as something that scares away investors, we should embrace his courage to think outside the box and discuss his ideas a bit more.

At least we have someone who is prepared to worry less about other people and is more concerned about Papua New Guineans.

The status quo has failed us and there is no guarantee things will improve unless we stand up and challenge it. I'm sure we can find a structure that is fair to all if we dig a bit deeper.

Public discourse in PNG so far has merely been in the area of identifying the problem. There is enough literature around to pin point what the problems are. Fine, we know what the problems are. Now let’s stop bitching and start dealing with them.

Mrs Barbara Short

David, the Mama Papa Graun Party's radical proposals may sound good to the land owners but they probably don't to the investors with the billions needed to set up the mines.
Tread carefully!

Bernard Yegiora

Roka, I agree with you. The elite ruling class needs to get the act together and stopping raping the country. If it continues, this country will be torn apart.

David Kitchnoge

I have been sceptical about Peter Donigi's Mama Papa Graun Party's radical proposal to have indigenous land owners directly holding substantial equity interest in resource projects in our country as opposed to the State holding that interest.

After having heard Donigi explain his party's policies (albeit briefly) on Kundu 2 last night, I moved from the "no" corner to the "let's talk" corner.

Leonard Roka

Mr Elite, relax and wait for the moment of truth.

Leonard Roka

Good piece, Martyn.

I often wonder why PNGeans in power could not learn from the recent experience on Bougainville?

Every investment in PNG yields benefits that are are few. Recently, Belden Namah boasted of K30 million from his backyard. Did his people know how he got that? Is his province to benefit from that?

As Martyn says, separatist movements are to come. The proof is the number of guns your tribesman are caressing and the continous hunt for guns in Bougainville, Indonesia and the Torres Strait by New Guineans.

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