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25 June 2012


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Stephen Cox

Natasha your problems are also evident in Australia not just PNG, where the miners come to town and the price of everything increases so the locals are becoming paupers who cannot afford to live in their home towns.

Government everywhere has a lot to answer for.

However let me tell you a story about China and you will realise you are better off.

There is a overseas company that makes shoes, well known, but for this story nameless.

It has some 700,000 employees who work, live and exist only in that environment.

The workers live in bunk rooms up to a dozen in a small room - a room with bars on the doors and windows.

The bars are to stop people committing suicide by throwing themselves out the window. When that happens the company is forced to pay compensation to the relatives for many years.

Is ypur life that bad? It is not good but, if you can control your future, you are powerful. If only you realise that.

Learn from the past and grow to a strong and wonderful future. It is yours if you want it.

Mrs Barbara Short

Well written, Natasha.

Your story reminds us that there is a great need in PNG towns for accountants who can help these people on a fixed income, who get themselves into impossible situations with huge debts.

People on a set income must learn to budget and spend within their income. If they do plan to borrow they must first work out how they are going to repay their loan.

This is something that could be arranged by the government or through a local church or aid organisation.

If rents are soaring then there is probably a shortage of rental accommodation. The government should work to get more investment in housing.

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