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28 June 2012


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To quote the poet,

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

OMG! How may people in Australia, and maybe PNG, saw Belden Namah on SBS news tonight? And he even had on his orange Hawaiian shirt.

He is nothing less than the loosest cannon. If by strange means this man becomes the new PM, I can't imagine any country doing any business with PNG. Maybe Zimbabwe. It will be a disaster .

This fellow will make the Somare clan and their questionable antics look like Archangels Gabriel.

Seems that PNG citizens have plenty to think about and quick smart.

I remember the 2007 election - when nearly a third of my staff found they were not on the electoral roll, although had been for previous elections.

Although one enterprising fellow found he was on the roll at three different polling stations, so managed to vote three times and get three cash handouts!

So if things are as bad this time around, who is to blame? And who had five years to fix it?

It is also worth checking Susan Merrell's psychological analysis of Namah's recent behaviour.

"For a man traumatized by his time in prison, returning there must be the nightmare that won't go away. With each and every impulsive, ill-conceived act, Namah gets closer to that probability.

"Namah is fighting for his very emotional survival. He believes that his money will deliver this up.

"I feel desperately sorry for Belden Namah, but more so for the people who may be on the receiving end of Namah's barely internalized hatred and loathing.

"Don't let there be a war before the unjustly disgraced Captain Belden Norman Namah is stopped. He needs professional help - not to be made prime minister."

I recall that some time last year the Electoral Commissioner requested funding to the tune of of K125 million to get the roll ready for forthcoming election this year.

Begs the question was that amount advanced and if so what happened to all the funding?

Over to you Belden

Belden Nama's prediction that the election and common roll would be a mess is the equivalent to me predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow morning as usual.

For goodness sake. Can't someone remove that so-called person of "Imperial Roman" glory out of that ridiculous chair?

I wonder how much he paid to have the people carry him forth in such splendour. One would have at least thought he would have checked his history books and seen that the Emperors of Rome were dressed in "Imperial Purple" and not an Hawaiian style shirt!

David. I think "Great Nitwit" would be more appropriate.

I've not quite decided what to call Belden Namah: Great Leader, Dear Leader or Brilliant Comrade!

Namah stated the obvious about the EC not being ready (has it ever been) to prolong his hold on power and now is claiming the credit for being right - he thinks his constituency is stupid.

However, his tactic of blaming the 'foreign devil' ie, the Australians, is a dangerous one and one that is gaining him support.

Here's a posting that I published on Sharp Talk....

For a dictator to establish himself, he will need popular support.

Historically, this has been done by many nations by identifying a foreign enemy and demonizing him under the guise of patriotism and nationalism. (Sounding familiar?)

It was why newly-established nations went to war, it was why Adolf Hitler demonized the Jews. It's called 'nation building', and it does just that - but at what cost?

Nazism was the most evil incarnation of nationalism that the world has ever known.
Belden Namah is using this time-tested tactic, the foreign devils are the Australians. Yet Namah has not recognized his own culpability in the shambles that are these elections.

If he truly wanted a fair election he would have kept his money in the bank and won votes on his leadership qualities alone - his tactics are testament that he has little faith that he has any.

Namah clearly does not think PNG has enough collective intelligence to see through his manipulations. Please, PNG, show him he's wrong. The enemy lies within.

Reg, wasn't it that notable dictator's henchman who said: 'The bigger the lie, the more people believe it.'

I wonder what might happen if the source of BN's riches were to be revealed?

I also notice that Somare hasn't explained why his income statements are still not on record?

Still, they are not alone. When Paul Keating was Deputy PM and Treasurer (and therefore in charge of the Australian Tax Office), he neglected to put his tax returns in for three years.

Apparently that's OK when you are working at such exalted levels.

Belden Namah got his stats wrong. It's not 200 but more like 20 AusAID Advisers.

BN is insulting the intelligence of the PNG voters by coming up with this election-motivated BS.

He's trying to blame Australia and the Electoral Commission, but it's a real cop-out to win the grassroots votes by this cheap shot below the belt at his former boss, Peter O'Neill.

Namah is guilty by association with the last two governments before the country went to the polls and thus should also cop part of the blame he's now directing at Peter O'Neill.

PNG voters must not be easily conned by this latest blame-game antics of a former DPM in the last O'Neill government.

Belden Namah has just shown to the public and regional governments, especially Australia, that he is an impulsive pollie who is immature; and a 'loose-cannon' in any government coalition.

His latest media attack on former PM, Peter O'Neill, clearly shows Namah does not have what it takes to be a credible leader for a future PM for PNG.

As usual, the joke of PNG politics in his element dishing out self serving media releases and flawed generalisations about perceived drivers of PNG's problems.

How long will this country put up with this dumb scumberg.

Electoral roll issues have always been a problem for PNG during elections, but for this election it is magnified through active use of social media by the masses.

Leadership should be about solutions and not blame - what has the incumbent government done over the last 5 years to be waking up on election day barking like stray dogs.

Namah should know better. Stop blaming Australia and other foreign governments for once and own the problem at hand Namah!

I doubt Vanimo Green will go forward as it is almost certain from reliable voting public on the ground in Vanimo Green that Namah could be losing this election - this latest rant from Namah is a precursor to what could be a long court battle that will follow when he is ousted after the counting which start next week.

Hopefully the lawsuit that follows will be against the electoral commission and not the new member for Vanimo Green.

"...We have more than two hundred (200) plus Australian advisors working for the PNG Electoral Commission who have assisted orchestrate this disaster..."

Powerfull charge, this one, if indeed there were 200 AUSAID advisers, how did they get it so wrong?? Or if they advised correctly, did anybody listen?? Kinda late now, couple more weeks and we'll know if Belden is correct or not. From all indication it appears he got it right!!

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