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26 June 2012


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Paul Oates

I concur with you John. Emma's story reveals the true nature of faith. Those who aspire to grand buildings and colourful theatre should perhaps reflect on the simple statement:

"When two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am also."

John Fowke

Well told. A powerful story in its very simplicity and one well worth recounting.

I have no religious faith but respect it in others like Pastor Tumal, men positively empowered by their faith allied with real humility.

I've printed the story to give to my 10-year-old grandson, as it will shine a light for him on the positive side of faith in a world where angry legions led by preening functionaries in silly hats and gold-damask create the major market for armaments dealers.

Mrs Barbara Short

Thanks Emma. Your stories help to keep me "in touch" with PNG today.

As a Christian, I thank God for Peter and Pastor Tumal and the work they are doing to bring peace to the Highlands of PNG.

The Highlands of PNG contain such a huge population and they have had such a late "first contact" with the western world and with Christianity. Yet the rest of PNG, I feel, cannot progress without them catching up.

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