Stunned parliament finds that Namah may be PM
Behind these eyes

Namah says he'll nominate O’Neill to be PM


PETER O'NEILL HAS VOWED to stand again for Papua New Guinea's prime ministership tomorrow after the deputy speaker unexpectedly threw the position open.

And Belden Namah says he will not stand against him.

Deputy Speaker Francis Marus opened today’s special sitting of parliament saying the Supreme Court had declared Sir Michael Somare was the legitimate prime minister.

But he said Sir Michael, who was ousted as leader last August, couldn't serve in the position because he had been disqualified from parliament for missing three consecutive sittings.

Mr O'Neill challenged Sir Michael's supporters, many of whom have boycotted parliament, to turn up in numbers tomorrow and compete for the top job.

"Parliament has decided in its wisdom that we will recognise the court's decision today, and I acknowledge there is a vacancy in the office of prime minister," Mr O'Neill told reporters.

"I urge the Somare faction: let us end this once and for all.

"I urge him, take his faction to parliament so they can also have an opportunity to nominate a candidate."

Mr O'Neill's deputy, Belden Namah, said the government would nominate Mr O'Neill.

"Tomorrow will be fair game, fair play, like on the rugby field," he said.

"We shall put all questions on the prime ministership to rest.

"I will nominate Peter O'Neill to be the prime minister of this country," he said.


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Harry Topham

The outlook is dark and gloomy because the sky is full of chickens coming home to roost but unknown to them the assassins lie hidden in the bushes with their guns pointing skywards.

Apologies to Gerard Minac

Peter Kranz

I don't think i'll get a renewal for my visa now... Here's your starter for 10.

I've lived a life that's full.
I've travelled long, the Highlands Highway;
But there is more, Ozzies take this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, I've had a few;
But then again, my Tambus mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through with few exemptions.

I planned each move, and yes of course;
Each careful step along the slyway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure were late,
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was Skate,
I ate him up and spat him out.
I faced it all, Beldan stood tall;
And did it my way.

I've loved, married and tried.
I've had my thrill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so confusing.

Colin Huggins

My dear Peter - Not too sure if even Frankie "Crankie" Sinatra would keep up with the current events (shenanigans )in Port Moresby.

We'd have it "my way" at 5pm, then another "my way" at 60pm. (KJ is doing an excellent hour by hour report.)

On an historical note, SMS Titanic went down 100 years ago in the Atlantic. Seems that the deck chairs were saved and now have shown up in the House of Parliament of PNG.
I blame those bloody damn chairs!

Peter Kranz

I reckon the combined wit and wisdom of the excellent PNG Attitude commentators could make something of "I did it my wayyyyy" (the god Sinatra).

Colin Huggins

Nope, gentlemen. Try this song, today O'Neill, tomorrow who knows?

"In the musical, "Annie Get Your Gun", the song sets the scene for the climactic sharpshooting contest between Annie Oakley and Frank Butler.

Its most memorable lines are, "Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you." The song was first performed in Annie Get Your Gun by Ethel Merman and Ray Middleton.

In PNG parlance of today, I wonder what "better" one of the aspirants to leadership and statesmanship can do "better" than the other?

Oh well, I suppose we can all wait for more movements of chairs.

David Kitchnoge

So what is the legal status of sedition charges being levelled against two members of the Supreme Court who handed down the decision to re-instate Somare as PM?

Wasn’t the basic premise for their charge being that of seemingly allowing their personal biases to influence the dispensation of justice, thereby, causing a seditious act?

If it was, I would have thought the substance of this argument hinged on parliament’s rejection of the SC’s decision.

Now that the parliament has accepted the SC’s verdict in relation to the matter, doesn’t it now imply an acceptance of the impartiality of the bench?

Do I see character defamation and counter-defamation lawsuits in the horizon?

Harry Topham

Peter - You could probably more simply take the score from a Gilbert and Sullivan opera. 'Trial by Jury' springs to mind.

Peter Kranz

O'Neill has been re-elected PM unopposed. But legality questioned - and some kerfuffle about procedure. Somare camp says it's all illegal anyway and refused to attend [Liam Fox, ABC].

The comedy continues.

Peter Kranz

And the singing parts?

Somare - a basso profundo (Paul Robeson)
O'Neill - tenor (Mario Lanza)
Namah - baritone (Crosby)
Nape - counter-tenor (Boy George)
Dame Carol - blues singer (Billie Holiday)
Betha Somare - soprano reggae (Tanya Stephans)
Arthur Somare - rap bad-boy (Snoop Dogg)
Chorus - a true Melanesian choir (Christ Church, Honiara)
Ogio - Just Barry White

Peter Kranz

I'm thinking of starting on a libretto for a comedy-opera tentatively entitled "The Fall of Somare and the Rise of ...?" in the style of Brecht/Weill.

I trust Kanagi will star. Any takers for helping with the score? Maybe Moses Tau?

You think I'm mocking? Here's a taste (you have to imagine it to music).....

Somare - I stood for our elections. I won and still I won.

I had the people on my side,
They loved me old and young.

But now there are usurpers.

Usurpers! Usurpers!

When is dynasty secure?
When is it fully done?"

O'Neill - But the people, but the people,
they shall not be undone,
They shan't be overcome.

Somare - I gave you love and justice,
and development for all.

Why do yet you challenge?
Why do devils so enthrall?
Why no love for us Somares,
Old and young and tall?"

Namah - But you must give a go;
to the young ones on the throw.

Election! Election!

We will not let it go, go, go go go!"

Somare - My son he hath decieved me,
My daughter too in vain,
Has put words falsely to me,

I sought to love her truly
But forces I disdain,
Have corrupted, have corrupted,
My actions all in vain"

O'Neill, Namah and Chorus - "We shall not let it go, we shall not let it go, go go go go!"

Nape (aka Don Giovanni) - Peace! I am a God from Simbu!
My word is your command,
My voice the final symbol
For peace upon this land!

The Crocodile is dead!
Now time for future's hand!

Chorus - "Jeffrey speaks! Jeffrey Speaks!
His word is our command!
From grand house in Morata,
Our will to him will bend!

etc etc

Peter Kranz

Maybe this is some clever ploy to sideline Nape and find a solution to the impasse.

Maybe Marus has sliced through the blockage with one stroke of a sharp scalpel. It defuses the Mexican standoff.

Recognising the decision of the Supremes removes the threat of sedition, and gives Parliament a chance to elect a legitimate PM which no one can really disagree with and heal their rift with the good justices.

However Prof Nonggorr reckons all the actions of Parliament since O'Neill was appointed may be legally unsound which is a Gordian knot even Alexander would be hard put to cut through.

On the other hand, some wise person once said, when confronted by a conspiracy or a cock-up, always go for the cock-up.

I suppose we'll know more tomorrow.

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