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12 May 2012


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My dear friend Loujaya, I am so proud of you. I admire your courage and strength.

Keep your focus on Jesus, the greatest leader of all the leaders!!! Standing with you in prayer.

Loujaya Toni (LT) has proven beyond "reasonable doubt" that she is one of the best women leader in the Lae District.

She came fifth in the 2007 national elections.

It is very interesting to note that many Lae voters in the last elections gave her their second and third preferential votes.

However, many voters have voted their primary votes for Mr Philemon, hence the voters' second and third preferential votes for Loujaya Toni could not be counted to support her because Philemon was running at the top of the game.

Therefore, this goes out to all the supporters of Loujaya Toni.

It's safe to give your first primary vote to Loujaya Toni,then you can give your second and third preferences to Mr Philemon or any other Lae Open Candidates.

This is a toksave to all the Lae women voters. Mr Philemon was really against the Reserved Seats for Women since day one.

Then what's the use of women voters to cast their votes on him.

Philemon believes that women have the ponential power to win conventional 89 open and 22 regional seats in this election.

So, it's time for women,youths and men voters to prove Philemon right by voting for Loujaya Toni to oust him from his 20 year old safe zone.

To you LT, Let's keep the fire alive!

Bart is one of the only decent politicians in parliament. Why unseat him? Why not Wenge? Bart is doing a good job considering the Governor that he has to work with to get things done.

I seriously doubt any employers pay their staff to vote for Bart. Seriously? Do you have any proof?

We really need more women in office, but not at the expense of the few good politicians already there doing their best.

Yes you can! Yes you can! Yes you can, Loujaya!

You are a child of the most high God. If God is for you, who can be against you.

Place Your trust in him and he will see you through.

God bless you!

I agree with the comments of the previous people.
Good luck in your endeavours. Just a suggestion, take those dark glasses off when addressing an assembly, people like to see your eyes.

Yes you can! Good luck Loujaya.

Good luck, Loujaya. You hear some terrible stories about Lae down here.

Your ideas are sound and you can see the problems and have some solutions worked out. This is more than can be said for Bart Philemon.

I've heard that there have been a few fellows up to their neck in corruption in the Lae area so hopefully they are going to be exposed if an ICAC is set up.

I read about the workshop for the women and it sounded excellent. I do hope you get a good women's vote behind you.

If no other women are standing in your electorate then at least it won't split the women's vote.

Good luck, fellow poet. The pen does scribble its way up to finer heights.

Good luck, Loujaya. You sound like the type we need in Parliament.

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