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18 April 2012


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Francis Koimanrea (Junior)

It greatly saddens me to read this report on my people. Thank you Mr Lattas for bringing this issue out into the open.

It is very disheartening and I appeal to all those educated persons from Pomio who have read this article, we cannot afford to remain passive while our peoples face this oppression.

Alan McLay

It angers me at the abuse of these wonderful people for what? Greed!
I was a kiap in Pomio from 1964 to 66 and a further 3 months in 1967 - I walked to every village in the Pomio District (as there were few roads although we were trying to build some) -the Mengen, inland Mengen, the Kol and Sui Kol, the Mamusi, the Melkoi and Inland Melkoi and the Mansong, as well as some Sulka villages in the Wide Bay Area. Never once was I threatened but instead welcomed wherever I went. This was at the height of the Kivung cult days as well.

Alex Harris

Australia has a lot to answer for in providing aid that is neither appropriately distributed nor managed. We give hundreds of millions per year, plenty enough to restore the health and education systems for the people.

Instead, it is squandered on training brutal police squads who serve as private armies for foreign corporations, punishing the people for standing up for their own basic rights on their own land.

They do it in Pomio, as they do in Porgera, and will do it in Bougainville again.

James Wini  Wele

People in the rural areas are fighting for their right as they own the land and not the Malaysians.

Police and the government should not blind fold their eyes and give more burden to the poor rural people of Pomio and making foreigners become richer and richer.

Why not the police offices give the same treatment to the loggers for the destruction they cause to the environment?

We can see clearly that people who are working for law and order are biassed. It seems that loggers are bribing them so that they can cause more destruction to PNG's natural environment.

I am appealing to the government authority not to look at Papua New Guineans as the trouble makers but the loggers too.

J M Dykgraaff

Did these abuses occur before 1975 Independence
when the Australian Administration was there?

Sorry too much yupela! God sees all; may He give you His wisdom & rescue you from this trouble. You surely need Justice. "The hand of man will fail you, but God never will."

No Janet, these are recent and current matters in PNG - KJ

Trevor Freestone.

Another example of the Malaysian's ignoring and abusing the rights of landowners.

They destroyed the rain forests in the West Sepik and consequently the total environment.

The villagers in this remote area had no chance and the corrupt politicians that allowed this illegal logging should be brought to justice.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Who are the duty bearers that are supposed to serve the interest of the villagers?

The Police Commissioner, the Provincial Government, the Local MP, Forestry officials and the other incompetent kleptomaniacs in various key positions of government should hang their head in shame for allowing these.

It's shameful. These rogue faceless cops, when they go home with their share of rubbish from RH, what did they tell their wives and kids?

Bunch of headless human beings who are only fit to live below the animal kingdom!

Mrs Barbara Short

An excellent first-hand report on the effects of the SABLs in the Pomio area.

Now is the time for the people of Pomio to elect new representatives to the National Parliament who understand their problems and can start to do something constructive to solve them.

I hope people like Tavurvur will make it their business to help these village people who have become powerless in the hands of unscrupulous Malaysian oil palm companies, infamous throughout south-east Asia.

I hope these so called "rascals" got a good reception in Kokopo.

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