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25 March 2012


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I've been reading and following these events and trying to find out what this law is about.

I've found that the new law is totally a waste of time. It gives parliament the power to suspend judges if they breach the constitution or for misconduct.

However, isnt that what the constitution already highlighted. That if the judges are found to misconduct themselves the Governor-General in accord with the National Executive Council may appoint a tribunal to investigate and, on good grounds, the judge(s) can be remove from office.

So practically I think the Judicial Conduct Law 2012 is just another waste of time and resources and a repetition of the constitution.

David - I totally agree with your comment.

This my opinion on the current issue.

PNG is a young nation that is evolving, my gratitude to Charles Darwin. I am happy to see our MP's challenging the status quo with controversial laws like the one we are all hotly debating about.

Such actions and interactions are enlightening, it will help each and every citizen to understand our system of government.

The US and Australia have gone through this evolutionary stage.

Laws are made and can be amended, it can be changed easily, like what the O'Neill government has shown us.

Thus, I think the university students should focus on their education and avoid boycotting classes.

They should learn from the experience we had with the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.

It was labelled as undemocratic and through a court challenge by Dr Bob Danaya certain sections of the law was changed.

So let Sir Arnold Amet and others challenge the bill through the court process, and pawns like us on the political chess board continue to talk about the issue with the aim of educating others.

Seems to me that PM O'Neill is desperately trying to convince himself that his motives are pure and in the name of the common good.

It will take much more of this time-wasting blame-it-on- everyone- else dribble to make me a believer in the O'Neill-Namah leadership.

The sooner the steering wheel of the nation is removed from their hands, the better. And it should not return to any of the Somares either.

Didn't Eve side-track and blame the devil (in the garden of Eden) for persuading her to eat of the forbidden fruit when God asked her why she led Adam to partake of her sin?

The same old blame-game which O'Neill seemed to have artfully mastered during his short stint as 'PM'. The same spirit of deceit from Eden lives on.

O'Neill, you were part of that NA led government so who are you trying to deceive. Mipela no longlong bilong yu!

This is a pack of lies, Mr O'Neill. The judiciary now lacks its independence because it is open to legislative and executive scrutiny.

Anyway PNG, the land of the unexpected as we say it, without realising it is sinking.

Hail PNG.

Sure the judges are only humans and so are politicians.

Why do politicians think it appropriate to subject the collective wisdom of the judiciary to the collective wisdom of parliament and NEC?

Is he now suggesting that parliament and NEC are beyond reproach and are objective enough to scrutinise the judiciary?

At least the judiciary has a self accounting mechanism in the operation of the Supreme Court to address matters of impartiality among its members. What is the equivalent of this in the legislature and the executive?

And there’s another twist - the tribunal is to be appointed by the Head of State. I hope we all know who appoints the GG and, therefore, exert power and influence over his actions.

I hope we all haven’t forgotten about how poor Ogio was forced to submit to the whims of the politicians in August 2011.

The Head of State is hardly an impartial authority to scrutinise the judiciary on behalf of the other two arms of government.

They’ve just opened up a whole can of worms.

Every PNG Prime Minister since 1975 blabs on about change & development, but still they go overseas for medical treatment etc not to mention sending their kids to get educated overseas!

Yet POM General Hospital bagarap stap na UNPNG / UNITECH facilities wok lo baragap stap!

Why can't all provinces be like New Ireland - with their Free Education & Pensioners Retirement Benefit scheme...yupla yet skelim!

This new law has eroded my faith in the courts to an extent...

It seems very likely that under this law, no government minister or politician will ever get sentenced or spend time in jail.

Thanks for this Keith - much appreciated.

One thing is certainly for clear: the world now knows on what grounds Peter O'Neill has based his government's passing of the Judicial Conduct Act 2012 on.

Amet has already filed a supreme court application to test the new law.

Will be interesting to see what happens here.

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