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Tales of old Rabaul: Dubbo the human chock


Dubbo Dave Kesby - 1964‘DUBBO’ DAVE KESBY WAS OUT Nordup way doing a spot of cuscus shooting when, to his great surprise, he spotted one.

Dubbo bounded out of his car, took a shot and glanced back just in time to see his vehicle starting to move gently off the mark.

As it began to gather momentum, the physical and resourceful Dubbo positioned himself on the downhill side, braced, slipped on the pumice road and, from the prone position by using his body length, managed to chock one of the front wheels.

Despite this Herculean effort, the vehicle retained enough inertia to push an unyielding Dubbo some distance down the road, leaving behind more than the regulation amount of skin.

Stabilising this crisis situation, Dubbo headed for Nonga Base Hospital for a patch up.

With the wide-eyed stare of a man in shock, Dubbo staggered into the haus sik - clothes shredded, body blackened by pumice, oozing crimson fluid and still bearing his trusty firearm.

It was an unannounced arrival that caused a reaction somewhere at the terrified end of the panic spectrum.

Dubbo & ElissaPeople opted spontaneously and unanimously for scattering and hiding.

One gutsy nurse took the apparition gently by the elbow and guided it into Emergency where Dubbo was settled until the polismasta duly arrived.

From 1963-66, Dave Kesby was a teacher at Cape Hoskins and Rabaul.  Photos: Top - Young Dave, 1964.  Lower - Dave today with his wife Elissa


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Diane Bohlen

Dubbo Dave is a gutsy guy. Look at how he has fought his illness and stayed with us longer than doctors predicted.

Colin Huggins

Henry - They breed 'em pretty tough in good old Dubbo.

I think in those days of Dubbo Dave's youthful exuberance, he might have tried stopping a Sherman tank or a Panzer Mk5 "Tiger" from rolling away.

Pity we get old.

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