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RH must dissociate itself from this sleazy campaign


I HAVE WRITTEN previously in these columns of Nancy Sullivan and her excellent blog, Nineteen years and counting in PNG.

Now Nancy has penned a fine piece on a wicked and obnoxious campaign being waged in Papua New Guinea against people who express even the mildest opposition to the Rimbunan Hijau company and its, er, exploits.

Now I’m not saying that RH is responsible for the campaign, there is no evidence of that, just that the company appears to have some psychologically disturbed fellow travellers from whom it really should dissociate itself.

Sleazy and grubby individuals who use false names to intimidate; obscenity to humiliate; and lies to obfuscate.  Individuals who are thoroughly contemptible and must spend sleepless nights hoping their true identities will never be discovered nor their faces revealed.

Nancy writes: “It is THIS kind of conflation of righteousness and delusion, of gender roles and transgressions, of colonial fears of miscegenation and pity for the poor and helpless----that is fertile ground for soulless monopoly capital.”

I reproduce here some extracts from Nancy’s recent blog piece, Whatever It Takes, which I do encourage you to read in its entirety on her website.

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece on my blog about this history of the Chinese in PNG---nothing authoritative or even comprehensive. But the Post Courier picked it up and printed it, except that they printed only part of the essay and for some reason the Malaysian owners of The National newspaper ran their own condemnation of me personally, calling for my deportation as a racist American expatriate, etc.


Now and again in the social media I get attacked by National reporters for being anti-development, anti-growth, anti-capital, and of course, anti-Papua New Guinean. Someone a few weeks ago wrote that I should (once again) be deported because I’d done more harm than good in PNG. (I wish that this were the real criteria for deportation, because in that case we would certainly not still be fighting Rimbunan Hijau.)

On my blog, too, I do have to erase the occasional racist and sexist rant from someone who clearly has a lot of personal demons, always a comment along the lines of my liking black dick, being a loser, having no credentials, etc. No more or less than a lot of bloggers get I imagine. This sort of ugliness is almost always effective because people averse to entertaining such dialogue instantly shut down---if only temporarily. This has definitely happened to me in the past.

But the point of this commentary now, is that the pro-RH position has taken a really bad turn for the worse. First, as we all know, the company flew in an award winning social commentator/journalist from The National to have a look at the project and report on the RH arguments against Greenpeace coming into the area.

Dutifully, and as many of us learned on repeated FB [feedback] posts thereafter, we learned that this person has mouths to feed, he is a single parent, and must dance to the tune of his employers, and so forth. Besides, he has also said firmly, RH is the only entity offering ‘development’ to these wretched ‘taim bipo’ villagers.


Today [Saturday] things got a lot uglier.  Lydia Kaliap, who, with her husband, runs a music and arts academy for settlement kinds in Port Moresby (an initiative that, not surprisingly, has won admirers from home and abroad, government and media alike---as a true example of what an NGO can do to make positive change)—has been on FB ‘sharing’ and commenting and calling out The National for its bias reporting the Pomio crisis.

As Lydia revealed today, the first day she began to FB her opinions, she received the following email:

 Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 14:48:31 +1000
 Subject: Black cock whore!
 Black cock whore!
 White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!

And there is more, much more.

Nancy, bravely and with great dignity, has exposed the sordid underside of a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude on the part of … someone.  Someone who targets opponents of Rimbunan Hijau.  Lydia has maintained a stoic silence.

The internet is well known for its “trolls”, people of little worth and shrivelled egos who adopt slander, intimidation and obscenity as instruments of abuse and coercion.

The least that Rimbunan Hijau and The National can do is to dissociate themselves from such tactics by unambiguously condemning them.  I ask PNG Attitude readers to keep an eye on The National to see that, as a newspaper of honour, it will do this.

The PNG government should also be instructing its Police Commissioner to investigate the threats, the obscenity and the slander.

Papua New Guinea does not need such wanton ugliness in its public discourse.


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Adam Marley

If some one needs deporting it should indeed be that person who has originated such foul bile as it obvious he/she should to return to their country of origin for urgent medical treatment.

Peter Kranz

Time for a campaign against the disgusting hate spewed by anonymous bloggers and trolls.

Some women have had enough and are starting a campaign of naming and shaming, and immediate referral to the police.


A campaign to highlight the abusive misogyny of anonymous posters online has gone viral on Twitter.

Under the hashtag #mencallmethings, female bloggers, columnists and Twitter regulars have started reprinting some of the threats they say they receive daily from anonymous emailers, posters and other trolls.

While milder insults such as feminazi and ugly bitch are common, so, also were threats of rape and other violence. New Yorker Shelby Knox was told to "die in a fire". Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore said she "can't put here some stuff men write to me. It involves dismemberment, blood and excrement".

Prominent feminist blogger Jessica Valenti welcomed the #mencallmethings hashtag as a way of fighting back.

"I can't remember the last day where I opened my email and there wasn't a piece of vicious (often sexual, often violent) hate mail there. I also don't write about it because these days I'm loath to give any attention to harassers - in part because that's what they're so desperate for, but also because the threats have become so bad that my life offline has been seriously impaired by it and I'm just plain scared. But that's the goal of harassers - to scare, to terrorise, but most of all, to shut us up."

Peter Kranz

Eila Matupan - I think you'll find that ads are put there automatically by Google (or another ad server) and are probably nothing to do with Malum Nalu.

The disappearance of the links are another matter though.

I would advise blocking scripts and using an add-on in your browser like "Noscript" or "Adblock". This makes your browsing a whole lot easier.

Removed that comment, Peter. I'm pretty sure it was a phony name and the post designed to cause mischief - KJ


Although, now the issue's been raised, I can't find links to Nancy's blog or the Attitude on Malum's site. They were there until recently. Perhaps my challenge to The National to distance itself from its obnoxious fellow traveller(s) was seen as a bit much. I stand by it, of course - KJ

And an interesting footnote; just published on the Sydney Morning Herald website:

Harry Topham

If some one needs deporting it should indeed be that person who has originated such foul bile as it obvious he/she should to return to their country of origin for urgent medical treatment.

Lydia Kailap

This has been a very difficult blow to withstand because it comes from a deeply hidden (yet very clear) source.

It is an all out attack on freedom of speech, an attack on the sanctity of love and marriage, an attack on the very heart of decency.

I know in my heart who it came from, whether I will ever be able to prove it remains to be seen as I myself have a very basic knowledge and understanding of Information Technology.

People who know about this technology are trying to trace it all the way to the cyber troll.

It came from a Papua New Guinean whose values have been twisted and corrupted; a person who will call others "traitor" when it is themself who is a traitor to their own nation and their own people.

You know who you are and you are reading this. I feel great pity for you because you have sold your soul to a corporate devil for financial security.

In doing so you have sold your own nation and your own people and your own children and grandchildren.

Even if you get away with this and are not found and punished for your horrific actions; you will never again experience true freedom and will be your own judge.

My family and I will recover from this nasty episode, but you and yours will live with the curse of it for ever.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who are a part of our life, Peter and I will take courage in the support of genuine people and get on with what we have always promised to do.

I'm well aware of the problems that Mr Copeland has had with PNG Attitude and many others but can assure you that this is NOT his doing.

His identity and mailing list and reputation has been used as a front for this other deranged person.

Thank you, Keith and Phil and the whole PNG Attitude family, for your continued support, and especially Nancy who so eloquently told this horror story.

She too knows the personal pain that this sort of injustice can cause.

Nancy Sullivan

Thanks Keith! I appreciate your support

Phil Fitzpatrick

Bugger - I hadn't thought of that!

Peter Kranz

Phil - a really strange person might spoof themselves in some sort of elaborate double-bluff.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Whoever is using Bruce's name took me in completely, possibly because they are imitating Bruce-speak.

Is there anything he can do about it?

Peter Kranz

Well I dunno about the fancy tools the police have at their disposal, but with an unedited copy of the original email you could trace the ip address and narrow things down a bit.

Peter Kranz

A network trace on shows that this is not an authentic address - it is spoofed (ie. not a real account)

According to Network Tools "The email account that you tried to reach does not exist".

Explanation - you can edit the headers on an email to make it seem like it comes from someone completely different, or a fake account.

But there are ways of tracing the origin that can get around this - which police and forensic IT investigators can use.

Peter Kranz

Keith - You might be flattered to know that you are referred to as 'Peter Jackson' in one of the more disgusting posts.

Are you thinking of moving into the film industry?

Peter's my brother (he's from NZ but is not the movie director). He's a quiet sort of fella and may appreciate a little notoriety - KJ

Peter Kranz

Someone using the copeland or kopeland handle has been spamming various PNG websites for the last week or so - mostly posting meaningless comments in support of RH and defamatory comments about any critics.

One particular site is notorious for one person posting defamatory comments under numerous pseudonyms - presumably in an effort to attract attention.

It is childish and pathetic. Probably just a rather disturbed troublemaker.

And the intimated association with RH must be very disturbing to executives and employees of that company. RH cannot remain silent on this matter without doing itself damage - KJ

Phil Fitzpatrick

Good old Bruce pops up on quite a few blogs. Sometimes he calls himself Brice. In either case he still mouths the same obscenities. I'm not sure he's all there.

Anyone sensible in RH must realise he's not doing their cause much good at all.

In fairness to Bruce/Brice, although such sentiment emerges with reluctant unease, it seems that in this case some other miserable body has appropriated his name, email address and contact list. Strange days - KJ


Thank you for this revelation Keith.

This is very sad. What sorry individual(s) these people must be!

I wonder though if we'll find out any more than we already know.

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