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12 September 2011


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Wow! Anastasia please contact me on Thanks, Barbara.

Hi - my name is Anastasia Dick Tia. My uncle Gabuor was the one who led Lt Noel Park to win the fight. I am a third year student here at Divine Word University and doing my major research on the Feature 1410.

The Feature 1410 is Ubun Mountain of Ubun Village Woginara 1. The track which Lt Noel Park took is Doginigem, up the Irap River.

More on the Feature 1410 will be send when you contact me.Thank you.

Hi Peter. I (Barbara Neasmith) was at Brandi 1971-74. Taught Geography to the years 3 & 4 in 1971 and a lot of music. So I probably didn't teach you.

It's great to hear from somebody from Woginara. From the map, Feature 1410 is to the north of the track into Woginara.

I felt that the photo I took shows us just about to descend to the river on the left. But I may be wrong. If this was the case, then that ridge may be Feature 1410.

If you would like to continue this conversation send me an email

I'm trying to talk Noel Park's family into going back to PNG to walk the Tokoku Pass, i.e., the track into Woginara.

Did they ever build that road they were planning back in 1974?

Thanks very much for your comments.

Barbara, I read your article on 'Feature 1410' with much interest because I come from Kuburen village, Woginara No1.

My late father, Aimos Moas Gabuar, often told me stories during my childhood days and later, going on to Brandi High School (1970-71, Mr Auricht (my class teacher in Form 1A) talked about the war and how he fought alongside Australian and American troops.

I remember him mentioning a young Australian officer and on one of their attacks against a Japanese camp they employed the use of the flamethrowers.

I am not able to positively identify the hill on the photo but I wouldn't be surprised if it is within that vicinity.

My best guess is that Feature 1410 is between Woginara 1 & Woginara 2 villages on the left before you start the descent to Woginara No1 Catholic mission.

Noel Park DSO went on to become a citizen soldier rising to the rank of Lt Col as commanding officer of the 12/16th Hunter River Lancers 1960-62, and then as full Colonel serving CMF headquarters staff training.

He was elected as the Member for Tamworth in the NSW Parliament in 1973, and held that position until 1990. He was awarded an OAM in 1994.

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