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11 September 2011


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The Legacy of Sir John Middleton will remain in my heart.
My His soul rest in peace.

I was one of four teachers who started the high school on Karkar Island in 1969. These were the headmaster David Keating, his wife Laura, Simon van Der Valk and myself, Bruce Marshall.

We arrived to find four unfinished bush material huts and Kunai grass six feet tall. We spent the first three weeks helping the locals finish off the buildings and cutting the grass.

We then started teaching on dirt floors in buildings made of lashed timber and covered in plaited palm fronds.

Because I had been a surveyor before going into teaching the builder for the permanent school asked me to peg out the access road and the buildings.

I did this after school each day with Simon helping me on the chain (measuring tape). I was only there for a short while before being posted to Madang to Tusbab High School. Interesting days.

The cover photo shows a Renault Fluride I think - sporty job.

Sir John Middleton passed away peacefully at his home on Friday 1 December 2017.

I would like to purchase John's book 'My Life on Karkar Island'. I worked for John on Kaviak Plantation in 1974. Fond memories and I would like to read his story.

John, I am not sure if you will recall my association with you in Sydney in the early 1960s at Kay Rent a Car.

I now live in Melbourne and I thought you may still have the Renault we bought for you at the time. Best wishes.

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