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29 June 2011


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Delivering Australia’s foreign aid into one hospital and one disease curative/preventative program or even project in PNG, will be taxing upon the ability of an Australian Government that brings affect at its external borders via budgetary measures in its own national-state health programming.

Yet the Member for Bowman call merits attention by a Minister for Foreign Affairs and a High Commissioner, the two adept at trekking both sides of such border, and moreso since Warren Truss recently highlighted latent public support.

Thank you Dr Laming for this excellent appraisal of the TB problem at our border with PNG.

I hope you will continue to pursue some form of treatment for the PNG TB patients as plans are put in place to get at the root of the problem in PNG.

As Australia is such a wealthy neighbour I believe it can afford to work out a way to help present PNG TB patients and hopefully to eradicate the disease in PNG in the future.

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