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02 March 2011


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Em late liklik tasol mi salim condolence blong mi long indai blong Yerima Taylor igo long olgeta Taylor family long highland. PNG na abroad too.

Na tu tok sore igo long ol uncle blong Meg Taylor long Wahgi Valley tu, asples blong Yerima.

I am a self taught historian and am learning of all the great things Taylor has accomplished as an explorer, a colonial administrator and planter.

Taylor married Yerima in 1949 who was a great asset to him during their years as planters in Goroka.

My sincere condolences were my very special friend at Mercedes College in the early sixties..I was devestated when you left.i hope one day we will meet in person have done your parents proud..God bless Karin ( née Stolzenfels) Klose

My condolences to Meg Taylor and the rest of the family for the death of her mother. I was just made aware of this.

I was a river guide on a raft trip which Meg had organised on the Watut River in 1991, and she was one of the most impressive people I have met.

She followed in her father's footsteps as an explorer, and I think of her often. I would echo a comment from above, she would make a great Prime Minister.

My best wishes to all the family. PNG was a wonderful adventure.

My condolences are late, as I have just seen this post.

I went to kindergarten with Meg. My mum used to take turns in teaching kindly.

My dad, Tom Lacey, started a coffee plantation in Goroka.

Meg is a reflection of the true spirit of the pioneers her parents were and I wish all her family peace and comfort.

My condolences go to Dame Meg. I went to school with Meg during the 1960's in Sydney, Australia. She was a great athlete, we trained together at the Narrabeen Fitness Camp.

I was born December 1954 and am 57 years old this year. Meg was two classes ahead of me so I would guess she is not yet 60 years old.

It is wonderful to read how well Meg has done since leaving school.

If I may, Meg Taylor is not yet 60. But yerima we estimate was 79 as stated above. Thank you for your kind words. Yerima had an amazing life and will be deeply missed by many people.

Some years ago, I was studying at the US Naval Post-Graduate School at the Defence Resources Management Institute at Monterey, California.

During a five day field trip to Washington DC, I paid a courtesy call on the then PNG Ambassador to the US Meg Taylor (later awarded Dame).

Meg Taylor was a fine Ambassador to the US and represented PNG well.

My condolences go to Dame Meg and her family on the recent loss of her mother. May Yerima Taylor rest in peace.

Condolences to Dame Meg and family on the loss of their mother. I would have thought she was in her eighties as Meg is in her sixties. I always said Meg would make a great prime minister herself one day!

Geoff's remark about Yerima's age is correct and the story has been modified accordingly - KJ

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