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04 March 2011


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Hi Keith - Kindly pass this on to Harumi Sakaguchi.

Harumi - Congratulations. I am also one who witnessed first hand your passion on this issue. I still remember well your captivating stories retelling in great detail this rich history.

I hope you write a book one day.

Hi Keith - It may now be opportune to revisit the following newspaper article.

I understand that the Mortuary Roll for the deceased Australian PWs is with the same Ministry. If Canberra does not have a copy, why not request a copy from the Japanese Government now? Australian people would be interested.

I see no reason why the request should not be heeded. Both the PW cards and this Roll for the deceased Australians in one transaction.

When the time comes to get the returned PW cards translated into English (I believe every single card should be fully translated), please count me in. I'd like to be the first volunteer for translation work.

Harumi - Congratulations on your achievement. I know how much work you put into this.

It just goes to show what a focused back packer researcher can do when passionate about a subject.

I look forward to seeing the Rabaul nurses' and officers' cards.

There is an old Japanese man, often seen in Port Moresby, who has dedicated his life to finding the remains of Japanese soldiers and burying them with due ceremony.

I have met him walking along Waigani Drive carrying plastic bags containing his few possessions. He is not disturbed by raskols and is well-known by local people.

No matter what you think might about war, all combatants deserve respect. After all they were doing as they were ordered.

Keith - Interested readers may also care to check the latest edition (Issue 53) of the Australian War Memorial magazine, 'Wartime'.

It contains a feature story about the Montevideo Maru entitled 'Missing But Not Forgotten' by Margaret Reeson.

Lest we forget.

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