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31 March 2011


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West Papuan is a controversial issue. PNG is an independent state and no country can influence its national interest. PNG has close ties with Indonesia and has to calculate its cost-benefit weightings.

Paul - The poetry sounds philosophical but true...

I agree with you, Arthur, no PNG MPs have the balls to support West Papua issues on the floor of the House.

They are all scared s--tless of a highly populous and powerful next door neighbour with big guns.

A Modern Spearhead Leader

I am the very model of modern Spearhead leader,
I've knowledge of the law and all things nat-ur-rally similar,
I use the local customs that I'm very much familiar,
And making sure I've utilized all matters not dissimilar,
My ability to lead is surely very much reptilian,
Considering that the stories of my wealth is now about a billion.
My views and my opinions are a source of local wonderment,
For those that cannot credit how I manipulate my Par-liament.

So learn a lesson from the master of maintain-a-ability,
Who leads the country with a whiff of indefensible ability,
I’m sure you’ll understand my total inexpressibility,
Not to gloat to all my friends of my-y clear survivability.
I’m known through far and wide for my absolute depiction,
For being able to escape from any clearly proved convi –ic-iction,
So why oh why do any still hold any re-es-eservation?
There now seems no one who can cause my long sought out ev-i-iction.

I doff my hat to Sir William Gilbert. The cadence is very hard to achieve.

When will the PM or Polye stand up and declare for Melanesian people in West Papua?

Ironically there are Timorese at the current MSG meeting, Kanaks from a French Colony, yet no West Papuans.

Shame on the silent leaders of PNG.

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