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25 March 2011


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Reginald Renagi

Phil - You've got me stumped there so I'll do my best. There is no real word (in the literal sense anyway) for 'politician' in Motu.

But four short words come to mind that can be substituted to form an expression of a kind for leaders in government and of people.

One can also add other variations on a theme but here goes: 'Gavamani edia Lida badadia'. It means senior government leaders and could refer to politicians, bureaucrats, etc.

Bernard Yegiora

Peter - That is true. Wakai we!

Francis Hualupmomi

Well done.

Peter Kranz

Keith - A good sign of PNG Attitude's popularity is that articles from here are being quoted and referenced at other sites, and even sections of articles have been ripped off and re-used (e.g. Letters to the Editor at the Post-Courier).

Wailo pangrawa!

Phil Fitzpatrick

Hey Reg - How would you say 'politician' in Motu? Has a new word evolved?

Politicia'mani? As in 'Lau ura lasi politicia'mani'.

Are there any other 'new' words like that in Motu?

Reginald Renagi

Well done, KJ - lau ura, mi laikim!

Nichson Piakal

Good going there. I can only imagine the feeling as I just celebrated my first 100 :)

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