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26 January 2011


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Thank you, John Barton, for exposing the truth about PNG statistics. It is all nonsense.

If ever there were a thorough census conducted, the true results would be horrifying.

The truth has been covered up and ignored and any statistical data is grossly incomplete or just downright lies.

One only has to look at the official statistics in the area of education. The benchmark used to determine if a citizen is literate is whether they can sign their own name. If they can, they are considered literate.

It is purported that about 60% of school age children are attending school. That is nonsense; it would be lucky if the figure reached a mere 20%. In some remote areas that have been forgotten by the rest of the country there are no children at all attending school.

The rates for infant mortality and mothers dying during childbirth are a tragedy in urban areas. The death rate in rural areas is far worse and never reported. Most cases are a result of women not even having access to a midwife.

If AusAID could provide a midwife (or train one) in each rural area, those rates would drop dramatically. However; they spend their time and money collecting "advice" and do little to improve the prospects for rural women and children, who continue to die without being counted.

PNG has gone backwards in all of the mentioned areas, despite the grandiose claims of the government and certain aid agencies. They will not allow the truth to be exposed because it would show up their incompetence and complete failure to address these problems.

When will anyone ever listen to the truth and act on it?

I genuinely hope that Paul Oates' submission to AusAID will be followed. Maybe all PNG Attitude followers could put together a petition to give his submission further weight. Just a thought!

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