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21 August 2010


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If the report in today's paper about Sam Abal being the new Deputy PM is true, then it looks like Don Polye's dream to become PM will be paused.

He counted the chickens before the eggs hatched. Being an experienced politician he knows the unstable nature of PNG politics, and I think it was unwise of him to make known his intentions publicly.

In that particular month there were numerous other stories about Don Polye, one was about an old guy who looked after him when he was small, he gave the guy some money and pigs and asked for his blessing.

Jealousy is a key value that defines PNG politics. By making his intentions known, his political adversaries will use every avenue possible to bury his political ambitions.

Did he dig his own grave by publicising his political intentions? Let us wait and see as things unfold over the next few weeks.

Looks like Somare has moved to lessen the threat from Don Polye at least from with the National Alliance. This just reported by the ABC:


By Liam Fox, ABC Radio Australia

Papua New Guinea's cabinet has undergone a major reshuffle under unusual circumstances.

The changes were made during an impromptu ceremony conducted by the Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane at a tourist resort on the island of New Britain on Tuesday.

Local reports say Sir Paulias, who was on leave, swore in a new Attorney-General and signed instruments axing Don Polye as deputy prime minister.

Several other ministries also changed hands.

There has been no confirmation or explanation of the reshuffle from the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare or his office.

There's speculation Sir Michael may be forced to step down soon to face a leadership tribunal over long-running allegations he failed to lodge annual returns.

Governor Tom Olga and his poor suffering people of Mt Hagen have again been stood up - not once, but twice - by the Mosbi VIP.

It's time Tom Olga forgot about the VIP visit and just got about his normal business of making his city safe and clean for the public.

Mt Hagen deserves the best and not be seen and unfairly labelled as a 'cowboy town' of late.

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