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14 August 2010


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Thank you Stephen Cox for your future intentions. I also further wish the Somare government and those that come into office in future will show similar courage to do likewise.

It is about time both political leadership and governments clearly show they are there to protect our national interests, and not keep pampering to big businesses; and special interests like what happens in many other countries.

When a company does something like this, it should be noted and they should be encouraged to continue this style of policy.

I for one will email the head office with positive feedback noting that these are the companies that deserve our support in their fields of business.

And as for those companies who act in the opposite manner with corrupt practices and little regard for the locals, they too deserve our feedback, pointing out how they have betrayed the company, the people and the shareholders.

When are CEO's going to be accountable for the damage they do to push up a share price so they can reap a windfall while simultaneously damaging the company and the lives of innocent bystanders.

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