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21 August 2010


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I am sorry for the Miller family's loss. I am not known to the family but I noticed Mal was at the Port Moresby Teachers College when my Dad was there as a teacher.

I was just wondering if Rosemary would remember me and my parents.

My name is Vanessa Westley and my Dad and Mum's names are Don and Jenny Westley (coincidently my mum's name is the same name as the daughter Jenny who was born in Port Moresby.

The news of Mal's death has trickled through to me this week thanks to having this website pointed out to me by my sister.

My heart goes out to Rosemary, Jenny and David and various grandchildren etc. What a tough time you all must have had both since 1999 and 2010.

Our family (Jill and Shep, Kate, Marion and Lulu Shepherd) knew the Millers in Goroka. Jenny and I were best buddies at Goroka Primary School from Year 1 until June of Year 6 in 1976 when the Millers left for good to 'go south' to Armidale.

I still remember attending Mal's 40th birthday as a kid and my parents commenting on what a young man he was and me thinking how old he must be!

The family were always so kind to me as I virtually lived at their place and Mal's sardonic sense of humour was always heaps of fun. Also Rosemary's cooking was awesome.

I would just love to say a big hi and extend a virtual hug to Rosemary, Jenny and David if my email address can be passed on. Thanks

Frank and Audrey - Thank you for your comments, Mum remembers you from Sohano and would love to get in contact.

I believe you may have had a hand in my delivery on Sohano.

I am happy for Keith Jackson to pass on my email address to you.

My wife and I are so sorry to read of Mal's death.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Rosemary and David.

We were together on Sohano in 1965, where I was a very young Medical Officer. Also in Goroka in 1968!

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