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30 August 2010


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While reading an article on safety of carageenan consumption and health I followed the trail from the author, Myra Weiner, owner of Toxpertise, LLC, to her employment with the company, FMC Corporation. In the professional networking site, I learned that she had been employed for 29 years by FMC Corporation.

Curious about FMC I went to its website where I learned in a tiny blurb of its history that on November 20, 1943 they used chemicals as warfare during a "combat test at Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands."

This is the link to that company which I believe did experimental testing or secret chemical bombing on the island and contributed to that high casualties and wounding of American troops.

Look at 10:04
chemical airdrop?

Bruce - Do you have any more news on the NZ Post Office radio operators decapitated by the Japanese on Tarawa, Betio and Ocean Island in 1942?

I have the names of those murdered from the official GEIC files and no doubt you have that list too. Were the remains recovered recently on Tarawa of these men?

And does the memorial to them erected on Tarawa still exist? According to the colonial files, it originally carried the words "In the service of their country they faced death with courage undaunted".

I found your wonderful web site when I was looking up information on Chemical Warfare during WWll in New Guinea.

My dad was in PNG for the two campaigns and was with the Army Corps of Engineers. Are you
planning to look further into the use of Chemicals in the Buna/Dobodura area?

One of our researchers knows a man, who was in Bulolo as an officer. He is 92 and the researcher still can't get him to divulge much information!

Thank you also for the reference to the books, "The School that fell from the Sky" and "White Ghosts and Black Shadows."

I am a teacher in Massachusetts, who does research for a military museum and who helps others find information about WWll. The site has been very helpful to me too.

Thank you again for your website and the articles you include.

In 1975 on one of the many airstrips near Popondetta I saw a huge mountain of bombs with holes in the side. They were to trucked to Oro Bay for shipping to Japan as scrap. I was told that they were gas bombs.

At the fisheries base in Oro Bay there are a large number of bombs which had contained mustard gas. At some stage previously the bombs had been blown to remove the gas.

Each bomb had a hole in the side where an explosive charge had been used to release the gas inside. The story I heard was that a helicopter had flown overhead to disperse the gas while the bombs were blown open.

I last saw this stockpile at Oro Bay in 2007.

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