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12 August 2010


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The last thing PNG needs is another PM from the Highlands, Islands, Momase or Southern. We need a PNG Prime Minister!

Don Polye's recent comments about putting another Highlander in the top post is misplaced in a nation state such as PNG. This is the sort of attitude that is driving this country backwards and shows his own narrow mindedness.

Yes, the status quo has to change, but any idea to bring about change that promotes regionalism and thereby emphasises our diversity over PNG's unity as a nation state should be condemned by concerned PNGeans.

I am utterly disgusted by the greed of these so-called Highlands leaders who beat their chest proudly in public depicting 'bigmanship' but are actually mere cleaners of a tyrannical and dictatorial government.

I don't pay respect to such people because their actions speaks louder than their words. Their words are mere propaganda to mislead people for devious and malicious schemes to achieve political interest and capitalise their personal gains.

No honour, integrity and true leadership are posed by these highlands politicians. I still salute Sir Iambakey Okuk for his renowned political leadership and significant achievements in his term as a member of Parliament. "His actions spoke louder than his words".

The status quo is not good for PNG. The country needs a strong committed and honest leader doing what's right by the people.

The leader must ensure parliament's business is conducted well, and the government always makes the best decisions in the national interest.

Reginald is absolutely right and I fully support him. I am a highlander and agree with Joe Wasia and Reginald.

The highlands MPs have always being misused and abused by Michael Somare, since the Pangu Party days in the 1970s, to make up the numbers in forming government.

Well, Michael times have changed and we are no longer the stupid highland kanakas for you to use your divide and rule tactics to keep a very bad government in power.

We will change you with or without those highlands cleaners, your Cairns BSers.

Don Polye will be our next PM, Michael, as you are no longer the Michael we knew in the 1970s. It's time for you to retire to the placid waters of Murik Lakes. Please don't go and relax in the Gold Coast as it is just another foreign country.

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