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23 August 2010


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Good comments Paul and I agree with some of your approach.

It's up to senior public servants and other like-minded people like Countryside to get up and do something about this cancer.

Countryside should get other senior public servants to do something about prosecuting the Muruks by relentlessly hunting them down and destroying their eggs before they hatch.

Do something about this Countryside and do it now in the next two years before we lose the biggest Muruk of all.

This Muruk knows everything that has gone wrong and is still happening today and needs to be stopped it before it kicks the bucket tomorrow. The country will then sweep the whole thing under the mat to be buried forever.

Hi 'Countryside' - That sounds like great news and I hope the 'house of cards' starts collapsing soon.

But therein lies the conundrum. The forces that created the rise of so many muruks in the first place must also be dealt with, otherwise the existing chicks and eggs in the nests will only hatch more broods.

Of equal importance are the other two legs of the chair of state's three-legged stability. These are an effective system to prevent new muruk eggs from hatching and, secondly, an available process to ensure any muruks still alive aren't able to grow and become another nuisance.

With the three legs, a stable chair can stand up in almost any conditions. With only one or two legs, it will always fall over.

The three essential elements of such a successful action must therefore be:

1. To hold those already in power responsible and accountable.

2. To ensure there is a legal and judicial system that can and will enforce the country's laws and Constitution.

3. To inform and educate the country's populace so that when the law is broken, people have the knowledge, power and opportunity to act appropriately.

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