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19 July 2010


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Hi, my name is Maisen Hungito and I am an ex Bugandi student from 2002-05.

I am very much interested in some of the photographs of the time when the school was built.

Also I would like to know the names of the people or the construction company who built the school.

And the bee that is used in the logo, why is it used?

The signboard at the gate is still there. Who put it up? I'd like some photographs of that too.

Thanks. I really enjoyed my stay while a student there.

Ex BCB nau mi stap Brisbane Qld. Stap wantaim yu.

Hullo Dennis - I too taught at Bugandi in1961 and 1962 as a NSW teacher on secondment. And I loved it.

I wonder how much is left of what my assistants and I did - gardens, a sign for Bugandi made from aeroplane aluminium...

I still have the Bugandi "representative" bee we used for sport representatives,

I have photos of most of our pupils and remember them well. Some notables include Horrie Niall's houseboy's goes on and on.

I would like to send my original photo album to the school as I am sure there would be many success stories amoongst the boys.

Your meals sound a little more sophisticated than in my day.
I acted as Principal for a time (being only three years out of college). Tennyson Lau and Joyce Lightbody were my two assistants.

Tennyson was replaced in 1962 by Eric Johns and we shared the two man donga on the road. Later Des Peisker and then Brian Gesling came as Principals, but none was like your boss.

If you know the current Principal I could offer him some old history.
38 Janet Street Merewether, NSW, 2291

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