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Crook, clean & mean: collecting information on the MPs who are not playing the game


HERE’S AN IMPORTANT project you can assist with. It’s designed to support PNG initiatives like the ACT NOW! website and the 2010 Walk Against Corruption on Sunday 6 June, organised by Transparency International.

The project is designed to reveal the names and wrongdoings of PNG politicians who are not acting responsibly with taxpayers’ money or who are otherwise using their positions improperly.

PNG Attitude has a large pool of well placed and well informed readers who can provide information that may bring pressure to bear on corrupt politicians. But we need your assistance. You have to give us the information.

It may be information you know first hand (facts); it may be information you know second hand (pointing us to people who know); or it may be information you can research on the internet, or elsewhere.

What is it we’re looking for? In a nutshell: Which MPs are on the take (the crook) and which are fighting the good fight (the clean).

And PNG Attitude is the means. Because we mean business.

This is how our ten-point program works.

(1)          If you know of an MP you think is corrupt, taking bribes or otherwise doing the wrong thing with PNG people’s money, email us here. (At this stage, we’re just looking at politicians, we’ll deal with senior public servants later.)

(2)          We also want to know who the good guys are, that is, those politicians working hard and honestly but not getting the credit they deserve.

(3)          Your email will be confidential. You send it to us and we won’t tell anyone who you are.

(4)          But you need to provide evidence. That is, you have to give us facts in as much detail as you can. You need to tell us what the individual has done wrong, and how you know that.

(5)          Your information may not be published on PNG Attitude immediately. We will check it out. And, if we do publish it, to protect you it will be under our name, not yours.

(6)          Before we publish information, we will check it with lawyers so we don’t get our pants sued off us.

(7)          We may also share the information with appropriate agencies, politicians and the media.

(8)          So go to it. Give us the dirt. We’ll handle it discreetly. But we’ll do something with it.

(9)          We’d also like readers to volunteer to trawl through open source information (that is, material already on the internet or elsewhere) that may reveal the actions of particular politicians.

(10)       And, finally, we’d like someone to provide us with an updated list of PNG politicians and Ministerial portfolios. The DFAT and official PNG government websites don’t seem to have been updated since 2008.

Email us here and let’s work together to get rid of corrupt politicians in the great nation of Papua New Guinea.

Please do not post your comments implicating politicians directly to the site. PNG Attitude will do that when the allegations have been thoroughly checked.


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Reginald Renagi

The three musketeers have done it again, and I take my hat off to them for this brave action.

This is a great way to start compiling a database of many PNG pollies who have in recent times raised adverse public/media comments by their very unacceptable conduct in and out of the high office they hold.

There is already a lot of information on many of them in public domain sources (both local and overseas media sources, including some credible blogs).

I have no real sympathy for these PNG pollies who are on the take. They are a total disgrace and should be behind bars with the keys to the jail thrown away.

I am very encouraged by this direct and highly creative initiative by PNG ATTITUDE. This is something the PNG Transparency International should have done a while back onshore, but is now being initiated offshore; and is probably a safe strategy for obvious reasons.

This initiative by some true friends of PNG will no doubt raised many Australian eyebrows. Some may even charge the good efforts of KJ, Phil and Paul, and ask who gave them the mandate?

But it's a dirty job and someone's got to do it, so who better than PNG ATTITUDE to take up a great challenge.

The Rudd government and other so-called do-gooder agencies like to pontificate, but won't do anything at all to help a country that is daily bleeding to death on its doorstep.

This bold and brave initiative must be given the strongest support and commitment required by all friends of PNG who really care what my country is going through today, and in the future.

This may perhaps be an effective way to expose and properly check up the many implicated players in the Haus Tambaran who are cheating the system, their own people and their country.

This is a long-haul fight that will go well into the future. I call on all loyal friends of PNG to give full support to PNG ATTITUDE.

Again, I say Bravo Zulu to Keith, Phil and Paul, and I am your comrade-in-arms for life.

May God save PNG.

Effrey Dademo

Way to go! I like this. I can give you the full list of current sitting MPs and their portfolios in the next two days.

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