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16 December 2009


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Sadly, I miss the peaceful life I once enjoyed during the days of the Australian administration. Today, my immediate family and I live in daily fear in our home in PNG's capital, Port Moresby or better know as the National Capital District (just like ACT).

Likewise, my Papuan countrymen and women live in fear in their own homes, every day of their lives as a result of intrusion by foreigners from other more still primitive provinces without proper entry documents, to be a part of a Papuan society.

Brother Hicks - The attached article refers. It provides a very detailed account of the lead up to independence and the development of the question of post-independence citizenship of thr Papuan people.

The point posed by you has been subject to at least two test cases in the Australian High Court, which has ruled that Papuans are not Australian citizens by virtue of the operation of the Australian Constitution and the respective Independence Acts of both Australia and Papua New Guinea.

It is true that there was no referendum of Papuan people on this point before the Act of Independence. However, the Act stipulated that citizens defined by the Act could not hold dual citizenship upon the date of independence.

This was enacted by the elected PNG parliament which included members elected to represent Papuan people.

A referendum must be conducted through postal vote for Papuans in Australia under the watchful supervision of the Australian Electoral Office and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Papuan leaders should eventually decide the future of Papua.

The national referendum must address this key issue of whether Papuans would like to become part of Australia or continue to be part of an independent state of PNG.

Let the silent majority of papuans from Oro, Milne Bay, Central, Gulf, Western and Last Papua (SHP) speak through this Papuan referendum which is the best option for Papua.

If the New Guinea Island provinces of Bougainville, East New Britain and New Ireland are all now going for autonomy then, in Papua's case, by law Papuans are not part of PNG.

Constitutionally and historically, there was no public awareness that indigenous Papuans would lose their Australian birth citizenship and be transferred to the Independent State of PNG.

There is no official or public records that substantiate any claims that Papuans renounced their Australian Birth citizen and were transferred to PNG at independence, therefore Papuans are still Australian citizens by Australian law.

Australia, Papua needs your understanding, cooperation and confirmation of Papua's legal status.

Papuans, like Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, are a forgotten generation since Papuans were robbed of Australian citizenship on 16 September 1975.

Hon Kevin Ridd must acknowledge that fact now and apologise to the people of Papua for that grave and serious mistake.

Australia should admit its greatest colonial mistake with Papua and apologise for its oversight on this long outstanding issue of Papua since 1975.

Australia - it is high time to act for papua now! This issue needs to be settled once and for all - immediately!

Papuans have had a gutful of Somare and his cronies since the Pangu Pati days to enrich himself and his family at their region's expense. Today they do not want anything to do with him anymore.

A new Papuan order is needed now. Papuans feel what the Bougainvilleans are feeling and have gone through that they have got their autonomy and will soon ask for Independence.

Bougainvilleans now do not want to be part of a corrupt country like PNG under Michael Somare.

Papuans want their autonomy now. If the worse comes to worse, they will demand and are prepared to fight for their region's Independence as denied to them at national Independence.

The authorities failed to even asked Papuans in a referendum whether they wanted to be part of New Guinea, as they were still a part of Australia and its citizens.

Papuans were given no real choice but forced to join up with a still uncivilized New Guinea by the then Australian government. This now allows PNG's oldest politician, Somare, to boast to the world that it was him who fought for the people's freedom from colonial oppression - what bull dust.

He wanted to make himself rich and famous while the people suffered. Well, this has come back to haunt him until his last days on earth.

Nothing will now stop Papuans pushing for autonomy and independence in future as Somare and his crooks are raping the resources of Papua. The people will rise up and throw him out any time soon.

If Bougainville is given its Independence by a weak Somare government then Papua will also demand the same for its new generation's future.

Papuans welcome the move to form a Papuan bloc by Papuan MPs. It is a good move to get development going in Papua.

All Papuans should call on their respective MPs to not continue to support a very corrupt government under Somare, but use the Papuan bloc to join the Opposition and other like-minded MPs to form a clean, honest government under Governor Bob Danaya.

Papuans want autonomy now and should go for independence along with Bougainville in 2010. Australians must be aware that Papuans are totally fed up with Somare. They do not want to continue under the Somare leadership and political system.

Independence for PNG has been no big deal. It’s been a very big disappointment for the people. It has not brought freedom but enslavement. Papua New Guineans have been totally fooled by Somare and his cronies to enrich himself with their family and friends along with corrupt foreigners.

Papuans want a referendum this year for autonomy. If the worse comes to worst, they will fight for independence as they feel Somare and Australia did not give them free choice in a referendum to decide whether to join up with New Guinea, or not in 1975.

Papua was part of Australia, and Papuans were then Australian citizens.

I agree with Phil. Any mistakes of the past will not be overturned by taking precipitative action tomorrow. The real problem is not confined to any particular region of PNG. Until an answer to the current problem is found, there is no evidence that any further disintegration of PNG will provide a solution. Has the schism that has been building for years between Bougainville (read North Solomons) and the rest of PNG meant any reportable improvement in the government for the people of Bougainville? What would people of the Southern Highlands vote for if there was to be a plebiscite? Who would now know if they are Papuan or New Guinean? Similar rumbles of discontent have been voiced in New Ireland and New Britain is bound to follow.

What is actually happening is symptomatic of the current political impasse. Large areas of PNG have ceased to be effectively governed and are virtually out of control. The circumstances are ripe for a political coup. The dilemma is: Who knows if a new dictator will be any better than the current one?

Unless a strong local leader emerges who can marshal those politicians who agree to abide by the country's llaws into an effective government, the situation in PNG cannot improve.

The question still remains; "Where are all the good men?"

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