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19 December 2009


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I note both Paul and Colin's comments and feel sad that PNG stories in the media do not make great reading down south. It makes me very ashamed to keep defending my country to others. But the truth must be reported in many different ways for good to prevail in PNG in future.

The daily news in the local papers is not very encouraging to the people of PNG and they hope of a better future for their children and grand children one day. But that one day is a long way off. The mass media hype in PNG is mostly about the UN climate change conference and what the PM will tell other world leaders of its REDD PAPER in Denmark. It’s no big deal as far as I can see. Everyone's being 'hoodwinked' in my country - the ordinary people that is but not intelligent PNGeans.

It is one big cop out by the regime. We have many really important priority national issues to address but have of late being overshadowed by the PM's regular public statements about REDD. REDD is only one aspect of a complex multi-aspect global phenomenon. PNG's delegation (of 30 or 40 has yet to be accurately quantified in the media, though the PM denies this number last week) has no real fall-back position if the government's REDD proposition is not fully accepted by the world's biggest polluters.

Many critics of the government in the past two weeks have accused the PM and his delegation of not being fully prepared for this European conference. They are right. It is a big embarrassment and shame for my government to even spend several millions to go there and will really have nothing positive or beneficial to show for it.

Australian taxpayers need to be aware that the PNG government just recently spent millions for some greedy people to attend a useless UN conference. This is a total waste of money. My poor suffering people could have used this money now in their many needy areas in PNG.

A tough year is about to end and the people could do with some spare money now to enjoy a nice "Christmas roast kakaruk" in this festive season. Despite their country's rich natural resources, many PNG families do not have three square meals a day like their southern cousins. So please remember us when you advise your politicians if they are thinking about sending more aid money to PNG next year.

Great stuff Paul.

The Copenhagen weather report - yep a bit colder than Port Moresby.

Current conditions -3 °C
Passing clouds. Chilly.
Change to Fahrenheit
Passing clouds. Chilly.
Location: Koebenhavn-Kastrup Airport
Temperature: -3 °C
Comfort level: -11 °C
Dew point: -6 °C
Barometer: 1011 millibars
Humidity: 80%
Wind: 32 km/h from 60° East-northeast

Last update: Sat 3:50 AM CET

Then again if you managed to book into the famous "Hotel d'Angleterre" - I am sure you wouldn't be inconvenienced!

Oh dear - what delightful "buddies" Somare has clicked with - I wonder why Mugabee wasn't at the party with them.

Further developments will be interesting!

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