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16 March 2009


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Well said mate.
Just keep in contact with Keith's blog.

I stumbled on to your site a few weeks ago and, whenever I have had the opportunity since, I have peeped in. It is with nostalgia that I read about people who worked and lived in PNG. (I was actually searching for anything on Maria von Trapp and her work in PNG and this site came up on my search).

I remember crying my heart out when my Australian teachers left. It was late 60's and early 70's, so most of us in the village were the first generation to go to school and we were not used to people coming into our lives and disappearing.

Years later I shed tears again when I watched the film 'Out of Africa' because it reminded me of those events in my own early life.

Now, I am not sure about whether my teachers came through ASOPA. We were taught on a Catholic mission called Kuli about 40 kms east of Mt Hagen. Despina Karvouni was a lady of Greek descent who returned in the 70's and taught whilst I was in high school.

Garry West taught me in Grade 5 and 6 (1970 and 1971) and left for another school the following year. I have tried to trace him without success.

If you had any knowledge of these people I would love to know.

I will certainly from time to time contribute something to your columns.


If readers know anything of Garry West or Despina Karvouni, you can email me at the address shown in the 'About' section - KJ

I am still working on getting more computers for Kavieng Hospital. I already have four computers and should know soon how many I can get.

Then I would hope to make arrangements for their transport to Kavieng Hospital.

If you can assist Dr Lawford with his need to transport this equipment to Kavieng, could you please contact me through the PNG ATTITUDE email - KJ

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