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23 September 2008


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Have so much enjoyed reading this book. It will be all the more real when I go up to follow the track from Wau to Salamaua in May this year.

If anyone is interested in joining us please check out Kokoda Historical website

Also I would love to get in contact with Peter Ryan. Will try Quadrant magazine as advised.


Len - I am the eldest grandchild of Tom Zoffman and I live in Sydney. I was fascinated to read your post.

If you are coming to Australia, my father Tom (now 70) and I would dearly like to meet with you at some point and have a chat about the mine at Bulolo, Tom's adventures, Maruk and everything else.

I can be reached at and look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine - My father, Joseph Price, purchased Tom Zoffman's mine in Bulolo in the early fifties.

I met your grandfather briefly and lived in his house before going to boarding school.

Recently my sister in Tweed Heads, Queensland, sent me photographs of the mine that my father named Zero Mining Co.

Tom's old houseboy, Maruk, is in the photos, along with many mine photographs.

Mt Zoffman moved to Vaucluse in Sydney. I have been in Canada for years but will be in Australia in a few months time.

If Michael and Catherine would like to contact me at I can provide additional information and links that would be of assistance in their respective quests.


I very much enjoyed Peter Ryan's criticism of Manning Clark's books. He should be interested in my latest study that devotes five chapters on 67 pages to a thorough examination of Clark's writings, his pro-Leninist bias, mental problems, and hopes for a Communist revolution in Australia: Peter Hruby, Dangerous Dreamers: The Australian Anti-Democratic Left and Czechoslovak Agents (Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, 2010).

Having just reread my third copy of 'Fear Drive My Feet', I too wonder about Peter Ryan.

I knew him briefly in 1969 when I went to school with his son Andy. He made a big impression on me then for his urbane, cultured character.

It was he who shouted me my first filet mignon at the Latin Restaurant, his favourite in Lonsdale Street.

Andy went to PNG, I went to the USA and our paths have not crossed again.

But in the past few years I have taken groups to walk the Kokoda Track four times and I want to retrace my father's journey on the Huon Peninsula in 1943 - just a few miles away from the events of Peter's book.

Catherine - Peter Ryan writes for 'Quadrant' magazine.

Contact the deputy editor George Thomas at and he will pass on a message. Otherwise try Melbourne University Press.

Just wondering if Peter Ryan is still alive and if so could he contact me, as he knew my grandfather Tom Zoffman during the war in PNG.

Tom passed away when I was four years old and as Peter's book 'Fear Drive My Feet' is the only book to have any reference to Tom in it, albeit a brief one, I was hoping he could tell me more about him. Thank you.

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