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04 August 2008


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The brown stuff from Lae was my choice. Better quality might have had something to do with the quality of water used, seemed to travel better as well.

Up north several years ago, Calton Draft came in a white can, tasted bloody terrible after being bounced around in the back of a delivery truck for a week and, aptly named White Death, bit like NQ Lager which was perhaps inaptly nicknamed 'NQ Spew', also a poor traveler.

Do a little reading on this award and all is not as it seems.

First, a gold award does not mean that SP has won a competition. Rather that it has achieved a given quality level. There is no limit to the number of gold awards - if you make the quality grade, then you get a medal

Second, from the Monde Selection website, "Such a quality award represents a perfect marketing and advertising tool. It also means an indisputable guarantee of quality to the consumer."

In essence, Monde is selling an award that can be used for marketing purposes. Presumably Monde makes a profit by offering companies (and it is not just beer producers) the opportunity to have their products branded as such.

Reminds me of the old one about SP running a slogan contest. Drinking SP is like making lazy love on a lakatoi - near water!

Greenies were reputed to be pasteurized. SP brown'll give you Wog Belly every time, IMHO!

Brown rice is said to be better than green rice. Is there a clue there?

Brown, green, who cares? Certainly not this contributor to the 'Wooden Boat Forum', discussing the best beer in the world: "When I was up in PNG I learnt how to pour South Pacific Lager down my throat. Nothing like it down by the water with the Trade wind pumping and a slab of SP...ah, bliss on a stick."

Keith, I always threw down SP 'greenies' at the Club...and at home, I may add. However, I have often wondered whether there really was a difference between the SP green and the SP brown. Was there? Or was it the same beer in different coloured bottles? If there really was a difference, what was it? I'm sure the PNGAA has heaps of experts to solve this query!

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