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01 April 2008


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I find the above comments very interesting. I was the Patrol Officer in Charge of Pomio from 1959 to 1964. We arrived at Pomio in February,1959,the day after Golpak died and attended his funeral the following day. Actually the Golpak Memorial School was established two years later in 1961 and in May, 1961, the Golpak Memorial was unveiled by Group Captain Townsend who flew up from Williamtown NSW in a DC3 where he was in charge. Group Captain Townsend was saved during the war by Golpak when he was shot down.We also attached the plaque of the RAF Escaping Society to the Memorial as Townsend was a member of this group. There were many people present at the unveiling including Keith McCarthy and a number of other coastwatchers. Golpak's son was also present together with many, many people from Sali and the surrounding villages. The memorial is not on a hill but situated on the flat near the school a short distance from the wharf. We have photos taken at the unveiling of the memorial.
George Oakes

Just to let interested know, the above plaque and the memorial school named after Golpak will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the plaque and school at independence day this year at Pomio station.
V. Golpak (grandson of Golpak)

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