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02 November 2007


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Richard E. Jones

Great to see that Siebrand had kept his PIMs in reasonable and readable condition. Keithy will remember editor-in-chief (I think that was his title) Stuart Inder and indeed I had a full set dating back to the mid-60s. From time to time I had penned an article either about boxing in PNG or the South Pacific Games of '66 or '69.

Alas for my collection. During some renovations in our Bendigo house one summer we needed to relocate the PIMs (in their specially provided plastic boxes (or did those come from the sets of Choice magazines) to the garage temporarily. Anyway our zealous next-door neighbours left the hoses attached to their water tanks on for about 5 or 6 hours, thereby draining the scarce resource while providing moisture for their laburnum walk, but flooding our garage into the bargain.

The PIMs ended up as a sodden mass. However, copies of the Fighter magazine encapsulating many of the exploits of Martin Beni, Tumat Sogolik and the late Johnny Aba, had been placed on a pile of winter wood - and survived.
So Billy and Keithy. You are very lucky indeed to have access to dry copies of the mid-1960s Pac Islands magazine.

Siebrand Petrusma

Delighted to see good use of those wonderful old issues of PIM. They have been part of my treasures for decades and am sure will bring many memories back to many ex Territorians.

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