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There’s been a startling development involving discussions between Brisbane and Suva. With the reunion just over three weeks away, ‘long lost’ 1962-63 Asopian, Nauruan Kennan Adeang has been located. Ken has been well hidden as Nauru’s High Commissioner to Fiji.

Nauru gained independence in 1968 with Hammer deRoburt as first President. Ken was deRoburt’s great political rival, establishing the opposition Democratic Party of Nauru. While he was to become President three times, Ken served a total of only six weeks in all.

He had deRoburt removed after a vote of no confidence in 1989 as a result of which Ken became Finance Minister. Ken waited ten years to become President the next time, but lasted only three weeks.

David_adeang His Excellency Kennan Ranibok Adeang presented his credentials in Suva in February this year. His son David [pictured], a lawyer and co-founder of the Naoero Amo (Nauru First) Party, is now Nauru’s Foreign Minister.

Now Ken has told Henry Bodman that he will attend next month’s Brisbane reunion, renewing acquaintances that have lapsed for these past 44 years. His presence will certainly add eveb more sparkle to what is already shaping as once in a lifetime event.

The only image of Ken I’ve been able to find is this photo from the 1962 Territory Ball in Sydney. From Asopa63_4   left, the late Mike Hatch, Dennis Burrell, Pam Mahoney (now Kruger) and Kennan .

By the way, you won’t be hearing from me for a couple of days. I’m off to another reunion, this one of 1957 students of my former high school in Nowra. I’m taking along my 94-year old father Stan who was economics and geography master at the time. That’ll surprise ‘em.


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