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26 October 2006


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I used to be one of the radio staff at the OTC Radio Station in Rabaul. I lived in the DCA dongas and loved with a passion my time there.

I met Mike a Patrol Officer and he showed us the ropes so to speak. My sport was parachute jumping at Kokopo but that came to an end when my partner Doreen Woodage was killed along with the pilot when the parachute and airplane collided.

George Tyler’s was our instructor but I don't know where he is now.

Bottom line. I really miss Rabaul.

I am still looking for my boss at the radio station who was a Navy man and a great man too.

Attention Frank Earley - Regarding Grey Easterbrook, I only know that he died of cancer. I had always dreamed that one day we would be together again, but it wasn't to be. He had told me about the death of his girlfriend.

After he left Rabaul, he travelled for a while then went to Moresby then Tasmania, which he hated, and then Darwin.

Here are some of my memories of Rabaul in 1970:
Maybe it brings back some pleasant memories for some of you :-)

I lived in Wanliss Street in 1968 to 1970 with my now ex-husband who was a pilot with TAA. Then we moved to Namanula Hill.

We frequently went to the Yacht Club and the New Guinea Club.

I also spent most mornings at the swimming pool with other wives & our children. Rabaul was a beautiful place back then and it is so sad that all that has gone.

Attention Liz Burbrook re Grey Easterbrook's passing.

I had just read another post by someone who was fond of him and that he was living in Darwin so I was about to chase him up then read your sad news. Arethere any more details?

Also sad was the passing of Ian Boden who worked with Grey at ABC Rabaul. Ian was married to Delma Muga who was also a reporter.

A relevant nostalgic post of mine from 2007;- About 1968 villagers sang hymns at the site of a tragedy when sky divers were caught/suspended in a cloudy updraft after they left the aircraft.

The pilot didn't know this, flew around to check, and hit one or more of them and crashed.

I was on duty at the ABC studios in the half-round tin shed in Malaguna Road that Sunday evening and vividly remember the announcer Grey Easterbrook playing "The carnival is Over" (Seekers)and he read the news bulletin.
His girlfriend had died in that accident.

That song became permanently attached to my emotions of that tragedy.

I was a teacher at Rabaul High 1972-73. Also a frequent habitué at the Yacht Club. I would very much like to get in touch with other teachers from the school - especially Bob Smiley, who used to live in Brisbane. I returned to UK after my two years.

I am not sure if this thread is still going, but my Father, John Latter, was the resident volcanologist in Rabaul - 1959-1963. My Mother Helen and John lived in the house at the top of the hill with the observatory just slightly nearby. I was born there in '61. My parents and I and my children now live in Bundaberg, Queensland, after quite a bit of shifting around in the meantime - UK and NZ. My parents' cook boy Mathias and his wife Hannah had a little girl called Sabina. My Father used to drive her to school down the hill. She married a principal/deputy principal? at Kerevat National High School - would anyone know of her whereabouts? I believe Louise and Frank Wysse ran the Trade Store (?) - their daughter Orana was born a week before me. They moved to Canberra. Louise and Frank are no longer with us. Walley (sp) Johnson lives in Brisbane and Dad tells me, still visits Rabaul. Molly Coleman used to live in Rabaul at the same time as us, since passed away I understand. Thank you.
Melanie. (

It is nice to read some comments and memories of Rabaul.

Peter and I ran the Kaivuna hotel from 1969-1971, where Barry Weir was one of the directors.

Those years were very enjoyable. It's so sad to see what happened and just be able to make out the hotel in the ashes.

Pia Trewin, or if anyone is still reading this thread, Grey Easterbrook died in Darwin on 28/08/2014. I don't know any details. He was 74. The world is an emptier place. xxx

I worked with the McGrades when the Hamamas Hotel was opened until 1994 when the volcano erupted. I looked after the administration and front office and was trusted by both Gerry and Joyce in a number of things. I also enjoyed working with Heather, Susan and Bruce.

In September 1994 I saw the transformation of Rabaul from a lush green town to a ghost town after the eruption. I went with Bruce to the airport and watch the volcano the day after it erupted.

I am residing in the UK and sadly lost contact with them but I wish to know where I could get in touch with Joyce or Gerry. I tried to email Hamamas Hotel but no luck.

Let's hope an Attitude reader may be able to assist Annie - KJ

I lived in Rabaul from 1971 to 1979. Want to correspond with any hash house harriers of that time. My email address is

We lived in Rabaul from 1971 to 1978 and it holds a many special memories for us, among them two of our children were born there.

I taught at Tavui Secondary School and then Rabaul Secondary in town and Colin taught at Malaguna Tech.

We have many, many wonderful memories of Rabaul. Golf, Ulu, Yacht Club, numerous dinners, lots of friends (Rabaul ladies still meet yearly here in Brisbane). It is too much to put in a short space. A special time.

Mavis Host

What lovely stories, I am sad however to say that the owner of the Rabaul Hotel is not Bruce Grant at the time you were there it Was Susan and Bruce Alexander. It has been in Susans family starting with her father Gerry McGrade since 1960. In 1994 Bruce Alexander as well as Susans sister Heather Phillips and her husband Mike Phillips and their mother and father Gerry and Joyce McGrade were there to dig the hotel out of the ash. Susan had to be airlifted out with her daughter to Australia for her daughters safety. Bruce and SUsie only took over the hotel in 2000 after the Phillips left for Australia with their five year old daughter, with frequent visits from Gerry and Joyce McGrade. I hope this information helps you

I left a note earlier (23 Aug 2009) and for what it's worth I add another detail: I retired 16 years ago in a small place near Batemans Bay called Nelligen where I befrieded Betty and Sandy Sandilands who had lived in Rabaul for many years but before my time (I arrived at the end of 1969). Betty used to work in the BP store in Mango Avenue across from the bakery and Sandy was manager for OTC. We spent many evenings reminiscing about Rabaul. Sadly Sandy passed away some years ago. If anyone wants to get in touch with Betty, email me at and I pass the message on to her.

My family lived in Rabaul from 1967 till 1971. My dad was the dentist, John Hitchenson, first with Nonga Hospital and then in private practice. We three children went to school in Rabaul. We have fond memories of a great childhood there, sailing and swimming and riding our bikes everywhere.

Rbaul had been my jumping-off spot in PNG when I arrived there in early January 1970. Worked for Hancock Woodward & Neill, Chartered Accountants, in Park Street, with Graham Ward, Barry Weir (the resident partner), and later Brian Henderson. Lived in an old converted Chinese tradestore in Vulcan Street with two other accountants; later moved to the PWD mess hall on Malaguna Road. Stayed for just under a year, then moved onto the Bougainville Copper Project, but Rabaul will always be my favourite place in PNG. Thanks for the info on your blog.

You would have known Grey Easterbrook and Ron Grainger, all good mates. I wonder where they are today. I lived in Rabaul from 1952 to 1971. Our home was on the Namanula Hill Road opposite the DCA mess.

Thanks for the (sad) news of beloved Rabaul.
I lived near the end (left hand side) of Wanlis St (Off 2/22nd St) from 1965 to 1971. This was A.B.C owned, then passed on to the N.B.C. and was great to revisit meeting the nice local B/Cast man and family when in 1994;-
I revisited on a P&O ship exactly 2 weeks to the hour on that Monday before "em I bugger-up"from the volcanoes.

Amazing having waited 23 years to do this nostalgic return then that happened.
Meli Paivu is/was a friend who had been just a clerk at Shell Co by then had become the owner of the Shell service station and many other businesses. Gratefully he took me around for the whole day in port when he could have been attending to his multi bus tourist business.
We looked for an old "Bossboi" that day from the radio station at the Kurakakaul ABC Transmitting Station. He lived not far from Pila Pila and Meli was asked the villagers about him.
You spoke about shaking off the rust from Pidgin, likewise the Kuanua/Tinatatuna place talk came flooding back and I was amazed how much I followed after all those years, and even Messalum ToWaddama understood me when we found him. I feel for you in your lament about the demise of Rabaul (The swamp) and what it was like to sail in and out by ship.
The old diggers on board celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Coral Sea Battle had few dry eyes when arriving.
When ever the diminishing opportunity arises, I thank any remaining diggers for their efforts in stopping the Japanese from taking Australia.
I often wonder what happened to The litle Anglican Church not that far from the Library. Was it destroyed? Did they rebuild it? There was a lovely little notice over the door;- "I shall pass through this world but once. If there is any goodness I can do or any kindness I can show, let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again"
Nothing is surer than change, it's how we deal with it.
Funny creatures we humans are when the emotions of nostangia can be so powerful.

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