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02 November 2017


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It would appear that PNG is not the only government to be "pressured" by the Australian government.

New Zealand seems to have equivocated, stating its offer to take 150 refugees applies only to a request from Australia.

The NZ prime minister said she would not consider an approach from the PNG government for resettlement as the offer was to Australia only.

It seems that any potential approach from PNG has been quickly blocked before it could get off the ground.

The Australian government seems happy to corrupt other nations in pursuit of its own grubby goals.

Touche! If PNG is a sovereign government, as Julie Bishop insists, then Australia has snookered itself well and truly.

PNG should definitely do a deal directly with New Zealand. This would be a small but important moral victory against the injustices of Australia's immoral and shameful treatment of the refugees.

It will also allow PNG to emphasise that, as a sovereign nation, it acknowledges its human rights obligations, unlike a morally corrupt Australian government.

I am hopeful that in these circumstances the PNG government can withstand any political pressure from the Australian government to do otherwise.

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