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12 November 2017


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Thanks Phil! You've nailed it. Criminal, that's the appropriate word to describe such evil.

Consultants in various fields that are deemed to fast-track solutions to violence against women are nothing but a bunch of pretentious saviours.

In reality, they are great accomplices to many of the abuses, violence, injuries and deaths pertaining to social issues they venture to address.

They come on the pretext of implementing workable strategies and proposals,but the hidden agenda is money and not saving the lives of the most vulnerable of the society.

Their ideas are craftily designed so that these issues will appear resolved but in a short, while will re-surfaced. Ultimately, they will redesign another workable plan to curve but in reality it's the same one with a new name and design attached.

What will happen next is that the current issue will not be solved and so much money gone into what I call the 'black hole' of systematic corruption. Better name would be 'mafia-like' operation.

I agree with Phil that this world truly is corrupt and brutal in dirty principles. No wonder consultants in such scenarios are overnight millionaires.

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