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06 October 2017


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I would not be surprised if many these alleged refugees are in fact economic migrants.

Many have paid for long trips by land then sea towards Australia.

Many are unaccompanied by their wives and children.
Many are Muslims yet have failed to seek ‘refugee’ status in the Muslim majority nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia which they consciously passed through toward their intended goal of minority-Muslim Australia.

There have been absurd stories about Manus being hot and or humid. There have been quite a number of pregnancies among Manus island women which show detainees are free to move around Lorengau.

There was uproar in media at ‘Another death at Manus center’ when the truer picture emerged of the guy committing suicide because he was due in court for found having sex with a minor in a Lorengau hotel.

There is no mention of the compensation payout of A$70m (£43m; $56m) by the Australian government to asylum seekers detained in Papua New Guinea which has been approved by an Australian judge.

Also no mention in article about the USA-OZ agreement that allows for up to 1,250 asylum seekers to Australia to resettle in the US.

In return, Mr Turnbull's administration has agreed to resettle people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador who have sought asylum in the US.

No doubt there are some genuine refugees among the remaining approximately 1200. The Iranian Kurds would most likely be in that category.

In the UK the safest means of resisting deportation is to claim you are homosexual and would be at risk if repatriated to your Muslim homeland or to avoid similar fate claim you were a Muslim but are now a Christian.

A refugee is an asylum seeker who has been investigated and processed through UNHCR and found to be a person genuinely fleeing from peril. About 90% of the men, women and children on Manus and Nauru were so designated - KJ

PNG really needs a good PR manager.

The job from hell?

Except for a couple of notable exceptions I've never felt unsafe in PNG either Daniel.

It's safer to be a foreigner in PNG than for a local in some places I suspect.

And when I was last in Manus the locals and refugees were getting on quite well together. Manusians, like lots of PNGs can't help but being friendly.

"Papua New Guinea is not a safe place for any foreigner." So, how did I manage to survive forty-two years there, I wonder? And how, in my retirement, I look back and think, "I would do it all again"?

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