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11 September 2017


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Thank you Roka for giving a brief autopsy of the real situation with the Panguna people. What Panguna LOs must be pushed into their knuckle is this very fact. All Bougainville suffered badly during the Civil War from the North through to the South and even our Atolls.
Yes, whilst they are benefitting monetary wise from all sources, others Bougainvilleans are suffering more.
I begin to wonder how are all Bougainvilleans be compensated whilst the LOs are enjoying themselves big time?

Thanks for this excellent article. In relation to the mention of gold panning at Panguna, studies of the effects on human health of discarded gold mine tailings in South Africa, where gold mining has been practised for 120 years, show that cancer-related risks associated with metal and metalloid exposure among children are higher than in adults. To minimise the health risks to young gold-panners within the Panguna mine precinct, I suggest that a health screening programme be conducted as soon as possible to detect anyone suffering from lung damage attributable to cancer-causing agents in the mine tailings.

Your last couple of articles have been very good Leonard. It's great to get around all the other hype coming out of Bougainville.

In this article it's sad to think what might have been the real cause of the Bougainville crisis and the terrible price that was paid, including that of your family.

Please keep us informed.

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