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12 September 2017


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Those who fight corruption should be clean themselves - Vladimir Putin

What a huge slap in the face to those that trusted him with their votes, with their future and their children's future! Hard lo tok tok!

Very sad news for all of us.

Intelligent Opposition, now more so and trustworthy, clear of tricksters.

Of the unexpected? Could that chameleon cohort echo an encroachment of Troy? So belying intelligence? Possible...but naaah.

This was predicted by learned commentator before even the rumors came out in social media.

Very "interesting" time ahead for politics in PNG!!

September 11th Will definitely be the darkest day for PNG as well. The most shocking news I've ever heard, definitely there is a Dark Side to Sam Basil, wonder what does Peter know about the deep secrets of Sam Basil.

Was it Abraham Lincoln that said "the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend"?
With time, we'll see who destroys who.

Carpetbaggers all we are, Are we.

Hail 'Ceaser' O'Neill the maus water Gammon man blong ol.

What' he needs to bear in mind is, There are no pockets in a Shroud.

And I wonder how far away the Grim Reaper is in the scheme of things.


Surely Will, you don't need to join the government to permit the budget to pass?

True, an intelligent opposition negotiating with the government could ensure an even better budget - KJ

"Friends to all enemy to one - Peter O'Neill" - Hon Sam Basil MP for Bulolo and Pangu Party leader. What a hypocrisy of the century.

Money doesn't talk it swears - Bob Dylan: It's all right Ma , I'm only bleeding.

Eh tu Brute!

What's in it for Pangu defectors? Was it only some feeding flow of cash or does it include membership to methodology of election 2022? Maybe also police protection from disaffection among voters? Or is it truly that also their electors have crumbled to a sense of the inevitable of folding kina?

Money, ministries, prestige & power would just about sum it up - KJ

It is simple. O'Neill did not have enough members to pass the budget. Now he does.

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