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06 September 2017


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Phil - Senator Elizabeth Warren has been campaigning against regulatory capture and revolving doors for many years.

It is worth looking at the coal seam gas approval process in Queensland and the treatment of several whistleblowers including Simone Marsh and Sally MacDow.

The QGC and BG approval process with Sir Frank Chapman and the Queensland government is worth reading.

Regulatory capture is rife thought federal and state parliaments.
The gig economy, which is indentured servitude is responsible for the 7-11, Dino Pizza and exploitation of hundreds of fruit pickers in the Bundaberg and Swan Hill regions.
Then join the dots and you will find a senior executive in a major contingent labour hire company is closely related to our opposition leader in federal parliament and daughter of the former attorney general.
These are ALP representatives who are responsible for reducing inequality.
If it stinks at a federal level it is even more rotten at a state level, especially not Queensland.
All the names are still around despite the Fitzgerald inquiry.

Phil, isn't PNG heading the same way even if it has only just made a start? Think RH, Borneo Pharma, etc

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